5 Essential Items for an Attractive and Functional Entryway

5 Essential Items for an Attractive and Functional Entryway

A home’s entrance is like the first page of a book. You can already tell a story is going to be beautiful after reading the first page. The same thing can be said of attractive entryways. A stylish one can tell the beautiful story of your home.

According to Homes to Love magazine, a few elements can make an entrance even more enticing. Thoughtfully placed furniture, a statement piece, and welcoming lighting can enliven any entryway.

However, entryways are not just elements that declare homeowners’ style. It also has an important function. It’s an entrance to a home and an area where you can sit to put on or remove your shoes and┬ámomentarily store stuff you need when leaving your house.

Considering entryways are often small, it’s important to use style and function wisely in this area. To achieve them both, ensure that your entrance has only the essential items. To help you make the most out of this space, here are some items you can put in it.

1. Start at the Door

Rubber doormats, umbrella stands, and boot scrapers can make any doorway functional. They allow people to wipe their shoes or boots and leave their dripping umbrellas before entering your home.

To make these items stylish, however, choose interesting pieces. Pick a customized doormat that compliments the color of your door. In addition, select an umbrella stand that’ll look nice instead of a boring one. Lastly, choose a boot scraper that looks decorative but still serves its purpose.

2. Dress the Floor


To define the space in your entryway, dress the floor with a rug. Even without a hallway, it will create a visual boundary that separates the entrance from the rest of your living space. Rugs also add dimension, texture, warmth, and personality to any entryway.

When choosing an ideal rug, play around with different colors, patterns, and weaves. If you have a hallway, choose a long hallway runner. Or, you can select a round rug to center a console table if you have an open-concept home.

3. Add Lighting and a Mirror

Lighting doesn’t only brighten up an entryway, especially if it lacks windows that permit natural light. If you choose the proper lighting, it can make your entryway an inviting, cozy space.

You can pick an aptly-sized hanging pendant light or a stylish chandelier, often adding a statement to an entryway. This can be an effective way to impress your visitors if you have an open-concept entrance.

While pendant lights can work on hallways, wall-mounted lights and scones can also do the trick. Line them on the wall along your hallway.

If hanging lights is not your thing, you can opt for a table lamp. It’s a great way to layer a console table, allowing you to add more decorative pieces.

An accent mirror can also brighten up an entryway. It can reflect light, which can illuminate dark spaces and corners.

4. Add a Console Table and Seating Area

Your entryway is the last thing you see when you leave your home and the first thing you set foot in when you arrive at the end of the day. A console table adds function to any entryway by providing a space where you can leave your keys and other knickknacks before leaving your house and when you come back home. In fact, according to an online interior design company, Modsy, a console table can help prepare a homeowner to face the day with a better attitude.

However, the type of console table you choose depends on the size of your entryway and hallway. If there is enough space, you can add a standard console table. A small entrance calls for a small side table or sideboard, though. If you have an open space, a round console table is a perfect choice.

To organize your knickknacks, add small baskets, trays, or any organizer. Choose a ceramic dish or tiny rattan basket where you can put your keys and other small items. Use a mail tray to avoid bills cluttering your console table.

On the other hand, when it comes to seating, a bench, a stool, or an armchair can provide a space where you can sit to remove or wear your shoes. If you want to make a statement and have the room, use a full-length couch or a huge ottoman.

5. Add Multiple Storage

Keys and mails are not the only ones you leave in the entryway. One of the main functions of the entrance is to provide a space to put jackets, coats, hats, scarves, bags, and shoes before you leave your house and when you return. Your entryway should have enough storage for these items. If you have kids, you need more storage.

Choose storage solutions that double as decorative items. Your seating option can also work as a storage unit. Huge baskets, decorative hooks, and a sleek shoe rack can make your entryway both functional and stylish.

Create a Lasting First Impression

If you have all of these elements, you can surely make a lasting impression on any person that visits your home. When searching for the right items to put in your entryway, just remember that it must be both stylish and functional.

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