5 Mobile Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know

5 Mobile Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know

There are an estimated five billion people around the world that own a mobile phone, most of whom will access the internet at some point. This means mobile phone screens are a prime advertising space. It should not be a surprise to anyone that most retailers these days are optimizing their mobile marketing strategies — and you should, too. Here are some mobile marketing tips for you to get a headstart:


A geofence marks a specific geographic area with a virtual fence. With it, marketers can collect valuable insights about a user’s offline behaviors and push location-relevant content towards these users. Incorporating this into your marketing strategy will boost your visibility and reach, especially if your brand has a physical space or is tied to another brand with its own physical space. Consider consulting with a reputable company that offers excellent geofencing services which can help your brand grow exponentially.


Micro-moments are instances when an individual pulls out their mobile phone to help them solve a problem, make a purchase, or search for information. Optimizing your website or app to create micro-moments can ensure that they keep returning to your content. Educational and informative content is capable of giving rise to micro-moments since they spark curiosity and elicits strong feelings, whether negative or positive.

Mobile optimization

We live in an incredibly hyperactive online world where every inch of the internet is vying for our attention. On average, an individual has an attention span of only eight seconds. If your website is difficult to navigate and not visually appealing, chances are potential customers will click out of your website immediately.

It is important to keep them engaged for longer than those initial few seconds. Optimizing your website for mobile use is a surefire way to do that. You do not have to completely overhaul the website you already have. Small changes like disabling pop-ups and creating responsive landing pages make a huge difference for the better.

Text announcements

using smartphone

Although a large number of people own mobile phones, not everyone has reliable access to the internet. Even if they did, e-mails are still no match for texts in terms of how often people would much rather read texts over e-mails. Texts are more urgent, immediate, and will pique customers interests instantly.

Avoid heavy images and videos

Text- and video-heavy content is both difficult to scroll through and look at on a mobile phone screen. It also significantly slows down the performance of mobile phones. If sizable images and videos are already difficult to load on computers, they are infinitely more problematic on a smaller device with less powerful hardware. Keep it simple; do not burden your audience with unnecessary information and content unless you want to drive them away.

Although mobile marketing has not been around for very long and is a fairly new concept in the marketing world, it continues to grow at a rapid rate. It is important to take advantage of the brilliant marketing opportunities that it affords you.

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