5 Tips To Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality

5 Tips To Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality

newly weds kissingWith over two million weddings happening in the US every year, the common problem for soon-to-be husbands and wives are where to start planning their big day.

Here are five tips on how to make your dream wedding a reality:

Budget Wisely

You and your partner should talk about the finances of your wedding first and foremost. This will help in setting expectations.

Remember that this is your wedding. You don’t need a big celebration to compete with a friend, family member, or acquaintance. It’s perfectly alright to have a small, intimate wedding and put the money you saved to help with other expenses — like your honeymoon trip, or buying a new home.

Always prioritize where you put your money, not impressing other people.

Choose a Theme that Expresses You and Your Partner

Hard-pressed for a wedding theme? Can’t decide what should the color motif be? Confused by all the wedding trends this year? These are some of the questions that haunt couples who are planning their weddings.

Try to find common ground with your partner before choosing a theme. Are you both Star Wars fans? Why not incorporate some music and aesthetic from the franchise. Talk to each other and go through a list. Something might make both of you go “this is it!”

Pick a Place Where You Can Escape and Enjoy

The next step is to know where you want to celebrate, but picking your venue is no easy feat. It has to be within your specified budget while complementing the theme that you’ve chosen.

Always remember to pick a place where it’s accessible for you and the people you’ve invited. Also, pick a venue where guests can comfortably mingle with one another. If you’re in Kansas, you can check out this spacious, well-designed venue called The Grand Hall.

Hire People That Would Make Your Wedding Day Hassle-Free

wedding coordinator talking to the brideYou might have heard of instances where the ring bearer misplaced the rings before the ceremony or stories about groomsmen or bridesmaids missing during the entourage. These can be avoidable if you hire the right people to make your wedding day hassle-free.

Hiring coordinators to keep track of all the things needed before, during, and after the wedding will help you avoid undue stress on your big day.

Only Invite People You Care About

Is your mom nudging you to invite your aunt who you haven’t seen for two decades? Or is your Dad whispering in your ear to invite one or two of his golf buddies?

Having a strict wedding budget might compromise the number of guests you can invite on your wedding day. You need to sit down with your partner and list all your potential guests, then scale them down to those people who are closest to you. Remember, your guests should be the faces you’d want to see at your wedding and vice versa.

Rest assured that if you keep these tips in mind, you and your partner would have a great time in your wedding day.

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