Air Compressor: The Smart Ways to Optimize

Air Compressor: The Smart Ways to Optimize

Air compressors are used in a variety of industries. Their efficiency has helped boost productivity, which helps businesses gain more profit in the long run. With that, you should be convinced that an air compressor in your Gardner property is a good addition (or replacement). Here are some ways to optimize its use:

Awareness and Monitoring

Awareness training is a good way for business owners and their employees to learn more about air compressors. Let everyone be involved in understanding it, including how to run it. Knowledge allows operators to perform better, which optimizes the right action. Awareness training informs everyone about maintenance procedures and repair which lessens the risk of system waste.

Once the operators know what they’re doing, they can then perform monitoring tasks. Things like pressure, power, dew point, and flow should be checked regularly. Machine operators should also improve how the air compressor is used. A good one can effectively make adjustments in the system that will result in an optimized air compressor. Performing leak tests is also helpful.

An air compressor can be put in different control modes. As such, the operator must be knowledgeable in putting the air compressor and the accompanying air dryer in an efficient mode. This makes the system more reliable and productive. The control modes in air compressors include start/stop, load/unload, variable capacity, inlet modulation, and variable speed. These have differing outcomes. The machine operator’s job is to put it in a mode that works best for the task.

Efficiency and Features

Old compressors might not be at par with the present industry specifications. With that, it’s advisable to buy a new piece of equipment to optimize productivity. New air compressors are much more efficient, as they have new features that may be helpful for businesses.

Storage receivers are additional pieces of equipment that can improve the quality of the air compressor system. For example, a compressor is more efficient when the main air receiver is placed in the compressor room. Storage receivers placed in good spots can help in optimizing air compressors.

An air compressor will take up more power when the discharge pressure is high. Generally, there is a 1% power increase requirement for every 2 psi increase. This is for 100 psi. The compressed air system can save energy if the discharge pressure is lowered.

Final Optimization

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Air dryers act as filters against wet, hot, and oily air. A high-quality air dryer is efficient in saving energy through low/no purge flow and low pressure. The waste of the air compressor is less when the air is drained through condensation.

Lastly, the plant piping should get an upgrade. A small plant piping causes a restriction in the equipment. Choose a plant piping that is a match with today’s industry standards. Modifications like increasing the size of the pipe can make the system more functional.

Optimization of an air compressor system may not be as easy, but it’s doable. With proper training and awareness, machine operators can quickly get into the groove. Productivity in the business will improve and business owners can even save on energy.

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