Best Tools to Use When Managing Social Media Campaigns

Best Tools to Use When Managing Social Media Campaigns

When running a business, you need to utilise all your available resources to gain an edge over your competitors. One great way to reach out to your target market is to take advantage of various social media platforms and tools in executing your digital marketing efforts.

Your marketing strategy does not have to be complicated and overwhelming. There are several tools that you can use to make running your campaigns a lot easier. Here are some examples.


Visual content attracts more engagement compared to other forms of ad campaigns. With Canva, you can create images that fit your marketing strategies. This online tool has over 8,000 templates specially designed for various social media platforms.

You can choose tools, layouts, and even fonts to change the model that will suit your needs. You can also create teams so that everyone in the group can collaborate with the design.

Mobile Monkey

Most people nowadays tend to reach out through Facebook Messenger for their queries. Adding chatbot marketing into your social media page can increase your revenue by at least 80%.

Mobile Monkey is a chatbot builder that you can build from scratch without any need for a single line of code. It is an easy-to-use interface that only requires you to drag and drop items quickly. What is great about it is that its primary service is free.


Posting in many different social media sites can be time-consuming. That is why many businesses look for a reliable SEO company in Brisbane to help them with their needs.

When you use Hootsuite, you can easily post a single ad campaign without having to juggle with multiple tabs. Also, you can organize and schedule numerous posts using a unique system.


Man looking to the digital tablet screen, laptop screen,silhouette and filter sun

Aside from images, videos can also be compelling when it comes to getting your target market’s attention. But creating videos meant for social media is challenging. You need to learn how to transmit your message in less than a minute but still have it looking professional.

Using Animoto ensures that you can create powerful and effective videos in a short period without spending a considerable amount of your budget. All you need to do is upload the images and the soundtrack that you will use for the video.

The system will automatically synchronize all files so that it can produce a fantastic video. It only takes a few minutes to complete everything. If you are not satisfied with the output, you can repeat the process until you get the results that you want.

Once you are done making the video, you can share it to various social media sites. Although Animoto will not produce a high-calibre, it can still provide a quality video fit for social media sites.

By using these tools, you can make your social media marketing campaigns much easier to manage. These will help you create better content and engage more customers, both existing and potential. Aside from growing your following, you can also expect to make the processes more efficient; thus, a more productive business.

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