For a Thrifty-Nifty Home: Decorating Ideas on a Budget

For a Thrifty-Nifty Home: Decorating Ideas on a Budget

They say money doesn’t grow on trees–but so do furniture, appliances, and home improvements. That’s why you must be smart when it comes to decorating your home. You don’t want to overspend or underspend on things that will only end up in the attic. Whether you are selling your home or giving your living space a fresh look, there are ways you can do so without spending a fortune.

Draw Attention to Your Wall

Creating contrast on the pillars of your interior can help you lower your home décor expenses. At the same time, having an accent wall allows you to draw your guests’ attention to the parts of your home that you might want to highlight. For example, bold colors or adhesive 3D wallpapers strategically placed behind your trophy shelf or vintage television can effortlessly transform the feel and look of your corners without having to make any significant structural modifications.

However, be careful when selecting the proper shades to incorporate into the interiors of your home. This could be beneficial as shades will significantly influence your buyer’s decisions should you decide to sell your property in the future. For example, painting your kitchen with bright colors can attract more natural light, making it look more inviting and relaxing.

Showcase Your Collectibles

You don’t have to buy fancy decorations to make your home look expensive. Sometimes, all you need to do is make use of the treasures you already have. For example, if you enjoy traveling and collecting items or souvenirs from those trips, this is the ideal time to bring them out rather than let them sit around with the dust.

Whether they are trinkets, postcards, photographs, or souvenirs, take time to sort them out and create a display corner in your home. It can be as simple as organizing a hanging wall shelf for those vases you purchased from your last trip abroad or a dedicated cabinet where you can put those framed pictures to relive those happy memories.

Design Your Bedroom Using Textiles

In this chaotic time, it is vital to give yourself the space to reflect and relax. A place where you can just rest and not stress over uncertainties, even just for a few hours. That’s where a cozy bedroom comes in.

According to studies, a well-lit, quiet, and comfortable environment with an ideal room temperature contributes to good quality sleep. It also helps in improving your mood upon waking up. However, it is essential to note that achieving that ideal comfort does not mean you have to go overboard nor settle for being plain.

One good way to revamp your bedroom on a budget is to focus on rearranging your furniture, changing the colors, and experimenting with various textiles. For example, you can try a mix and match of nude tones to create a peaceful, welcoming, and calming aura. For a pop of color, consider changing your pillowcases, drapes, and curtains using a louder tone. There are also exciting and stylish sewing patterns online that you can use to add more character to it. These minor changes can help set the mood you want while relaxing after a stressful day.

Invest in Quality

When it comes to furniture, most individuals assume that spending on cheaper items is more practical than buying slightly pricey ones. However, that is not always the case. So instead of focusing on the price, a good rule of thumb to remember is to consider the quality of the pieces you are purchasing.

Moreover, keep in mind that expensive does not equate to good material. That said, it is better to inspect the appliances and furniture thoroughly and conduct your research before buying. Buying a cheap but poorly assembled couch will hurt your wallet more than investing in quality items that you can enjoy for years.

An excellent place to canvass and score a good piece is to go through vintage shops, thrift stores, or home improvement retailers within or outside your area. Moreover, reupholstering old furniture to complement the decor and budget you set is also a great option to cut back on expenses.

When decorating your home, it is crucial to consider the preexisting features it already has. This can help you in knowing which ones you want to highlight, improve, and change altogether. Most importantly, know your home decorating style. Whether you lean more on neutral tones, minimalist arrangements, mid-century modern, or a shabby chic design, ensure that you stick to your aesthetic. Finally, create a mood board and set a budget to help you anchor and achieve the most comfortable home design without splurging too much.

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