Can Your Kids Go to College for Free?

Can Your Kids Go to College for Free?

A college education isn’t cheap. Over 42 million people have an average of $100,000 in student loan debt and 2.5 million owe more than that amount. It’s no wonder this is considered as a crisis. Although a higher education is expensive, it’s an essential step toward a better life. So it’s important to discover whether your kids will have an opportunity to study without paying.

And they could enroll in college for free.

Choose the Right College

Every parent wants their kid to get accepted at the best schools. Although Ivy League schools are likely to top your list, these can be pricey without a scholarship. Fortunately, a good education isn’t always about getting into prestigious private schools. Students today receive the best possible education from state universities and even from distance learning programs.

Certain universities in the US also offer free tuition to qualified students.

If your kid wants to study naval construction or marine engineering, they could get into Webb Institute. It’s the only marine engineering and naval architecture school offering a full, four-year scholarship for students. The school also offers job placement for graduates.

If your kid is into the arts, they could try the Curtis Institute for Music. It selects only 165 students for enrollment. Through endowments and donations, students are able to learn without worrying about tuition fees.

Bank on Work Experience

Some colleges offer real world education through a work-and-study program. Students who work a certain number of hours per week get full coverage for their tuition. Kentucky has a work colleges consortium wherein students do hospitality to landscaping jobs. It’s probably the best choice for parents who want to raise young adults who have an appreciation for hard work.

With the school’s integration of learning, service, and work, the unique program of these colleges may offer up more value. Students not only receive the degree they want but also have four years of work experience to show.

Study Abroad?

college abroad

What student wouldn’t want the chance to live abroad? If your kids propose a year off before heading off to college, make a counter proposal: study abroad.

Some countries have schools that offer free to low-cost tuition for international students. Your kids could take their pick from the following countries:

  • Sweden – students doing research-based doctoral degree get free tuition
  • Finland – international students pay only a minimum amount every year; the country used to offer education for free.
  • Germany – some schools offer free tuition to non-EU students; students choose from a range of programs taught in English
  • Norway – international students receive free tuition at public schools
  • France – students no longer need to learn or speak French to attend public universities; some schools have a free tuition model and others offer low-tuition fees.

Of course, you have to consider the cost of living in these countries before signing off on your kid to study abroad. Norway and Sweden are expensive countries to live in. Make sure your kids have all the information they need when opting to get their college degree in another country.

A college education isn’t cheap, but it’s necessary. Fortunately, you have options to help your kids get their degrees for free, if not, reduce the cost.

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