Three Contradicting Approaches to Society’s Standards You Can Pursue

Three Contradicting Approaches to Society’s Standards You Can Pursue

Society provides a pattern or a path that can guide everyone in living their lives. They often come with plenty of milestones, giving people a way to remain stable as they age. The process usually involves what the majority of the world’s population pursue. Go to school, graduate, get a job, start a family, buy a house, and more. It will not be surprising if you know many people who follow the standard route established in society. Most of them envision it as part of their plans in life. At some point, you might even reach them too.

However, it might feel like society dictates how people should live instead of guiding them. You might know that those milestones are not for you, no matter how much your family and friends attempt to convince you otherwise. Since it is your life, you have control over whether you follow society’s traditional route. You can skip a few milestones if it means your contentment or happiness, and these are the most common detours you might encounter.

Skipping School to Pursue a Dream

The path of society will start as soon as you gain rational thinking. Unfortunately, it would be during your childhood, when your experience and knowledge are still developing. It is also a time when you do not have control over life decisions as your parents are the ones doing it for you.

This situation is for a good reason. Parents have the maturity and experience necessary to identify the best path their children must take. Choosing your school is among the many decisions your parents will make for you. Since you live under their roof, you might not have a choice. After all, your academic years are a significant part of learning how to make rational decisions for yourself, especially for your career. However, there might be a chance where career opportunities show themselves prematurely.

People can manifest gifts as early as childhood. Adults often label those children as prodigies, geniuses, or early leaders. They might be challenging to ignore, especially when you start to realize that it might be the career path you want in your future. Unfortunately, the school might end up postponing your accomplishments instead of helping you achieve them.

You can find plenty of people who were college dropouts but went on to have successful careers. Their stories might urge you to skip school and pursue your dream. However, your parents remain the primary decision-makers of your life. Talking to them will be necessary. If you can pitch your idea or negotiate your situation convincingly, they might give you a shot.


Going Against the Nine-to-five Life

Graduating from school is already a massive accomplishment for people. However, it is just the first step in society’s traditional path. Unfortunately, that might mean your situation will not be unique as you embark on starting a career. The opportunities you get might fall under the other traditional route: the day desk job.

Of course, landing a stable job has its perks. Your income is necessary for survival. If you happen to enjoy a generous compensation package with monetary bonuses and promotional goals, you can say you are above the average person of society. However, it might also mean getting stuck in a nine-to-five job. Most people don’t have a problem with it, but it might not be for you.

Fortunately, you have plenty of opportunities to escape the nine-to-five life. You can be your own boss, starting a venture that allows you to regain control of how you want to spend your hours.

Freelancing is also an ideal option, ensuring that work does not force you to remain seated in an office for hours every day. Content creation feels more like a passion than a job if you can monetize it. If your financial literacy is beyond the average person’s capabilities, you might not even have to work. Those opportunities might be achievable as long as you are willing to take a risk in yourself.

Finding Ways around Life’s Biggest Expenses

If there is anything that society wants you to ignore, it would be your finances. People will tell you to buy a house, secure a car, travel the world, or start a family without informing you that all of those things involve significant expenses. Fortunately, you can escape from those responsibilities with the many options you have available.

Instead of buying a house, you can opt for co-living hostels instead. Preferring public transportation can save you from the expenses attached to a car. For some people, starting a family might not even be part of their dreams. Those responsibilities come with expenses that could make life challenging. Society does not know what you are personally going through, and it should be your choice if you want to follow them or not.

Society offers a traditional path that you can follow, but it doesn’t mean you have to. People must maintain control of how they want to move forward with their respective lives, even if it means taking a different road.

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