Four Ways to Convert an Internship into a Full-time Job

Four Ways to Convert an Internship into a Full-time Job

There used to be a time when higher education was reserved for only the privileged. While those from the upper class send their kids to college to earn their degrees, the other half of the population were already looking for jobs to help their families earn a living and make ends meet.

Fortunately, this inequality was addressed early on, and it helped make education more accessible to the public. Now it’s almost mandatory for all children to receive primary, secondary, and tertiary education because knowledge has been identified as the secret to a holistic quality of life.

Given this change in the education system, the job market has become an even steeper competition for fresh graduates who want to land high-paying jobs in the companies they’re eyeing. That’s why many young professionals in Singapore begin their careers by entering traineeship programs to gain valuable experiences that they can use as leverage once they start applying for jobs.

However, landing an internship at the company you have your eyes on doesn’t automatically equate to a full-time job in the future. That’s something that you have to earn, which means you have at least a 50% chance of being qualified to land that job. Here’s how you can bring that percentage to 100:

Make a Lasting First Impression

A bad first impression is tough to bounce back from because it will create an initial prejudice towards you that can last for a long time. That’s why as much as possible, you need to make your first impression work in your favor because you won’t want to be remembered as the intern that was late on the first day.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything, but you should at least be prepared by doing your homework. Before your first day on the job, research about mission, vision, and purpose of the company you’re going to work for. You can also look into their company rules and policies for employees.

Clarify Your Desire for a Full-time Position

Many fresh graduates apply for internships to only get experience before they move on to other companies. However, since your goal from the beginning is to land a full-time job at your internship, you must let your direct supervisor know your plan.

Don’t assume that your superiors will know that without telling them, especially given the intended purpose of internships. So when you’re asked about your plans for the future, consider telling them that you’re aiming for a full-time position. This way, they can keep you in mind for when a position opens up.

Become Indispensable to Your Team

team working together

There are two kinds of interns: those who do only what’s asked of them and those who go above and beyond to show their passion for the job. If you truly want to make a lasting impression and be considered for the job, you need to become an indispensable member of your team.

To do this, you will need to show them that you have a strong work ethic and that you are a proactive individual who won’t get deterred by mistakes. Instead, you must let them know that you’re willing to improve and work on your weaknesses so that you won’t make the same mistake twice.

Socialize and Grow Your Network

The world of professionals is all about networking. As a first-timer, you must do your part in establishing rapport with your fellow interns and direct superiors because that’s how you can begin to grow your network. It might feel awkward to socialize with strangers, but that’s the only way you can work as a team.

If you don’t want to take the first step, then at least welcome the interactions when they approach you. Soon enough, you’ll be able to form bonds with your colleagues, which can help improve your teamwork and collaboration while working. Plus, your superiors will see that you are a team player who can work well with anyone.

Another benefit of networking within the company is that your colleagues might be able to help you land the full-time position. Imagine if it’s between you and another intern that’s being considered for the job, but the other candidate doesn’t work well in teams. When that time comes, you will become the better candidate because your colleagues already know that you’re a hard worker who is perfect for the role.

Your internship may only be the beginning, but it can open a lot of doors that you don’t even think were available to you in the first place. So make the most out of your internship and show them all your best qualities. That way, you can be a surefire candidate for the full-time job you have set your heart on.

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