Create a Plastic-free Workplace with These Tips

Create a Plastic-free Workplace with These Tips

Plastic has become a major concern. Though it has long been known as an environmental hazard, increased focus on it has made it one of the materials that are considered bad for the environment. It is not because it is naturally dangerous, but because of its high durability and its abundance.

If you own an office and you want to lower your plastic usage to contribute to the effort to reduce waste, here are some of the things you can do:

Catalog Your Usage

Many companies are not aware of how much plastic they are wasting. The first step in eliminating plastic from your office is determining exactly where you are using plastic. The procedure for this should be easy enough. Just empty out your bins and see what plastics you can find. These often hint at potential areas of reduction.

For example, if you find a lot of plastic packaging, then you should turn your eyes to alternatives to the packaging you use.

Encourage the Use of Mugs and Tumblers

One of the many products that use plastics only once is the bottled drink. That is why encouraging the use of mugs and tumblers is a good choice. Have a cooler instead of a vending machine so that your staff will not be buying multiple bottles of mineral water or even soft drinks.

Have a Pantry and Lunchroom

Another prominent use of plastic is as packaging for various snacks and lunches. If you want to eliminate another source of plastic, then you should try to encourage your people to bring packed lunches and eliminate snacks that use plastic packaging. A lunchroom gives people a chance to bring lunches from home. As for snacks, provide fruits and other healthy options that do not use plastic.

For example, baked goods could be a good choice. Also, if you do need to stock drinks, you can have them in aluminum cans, which are easier to deal with.

Change Routines

There are probably a lot of procedures that you can change, which will require the use of less plastic. For example, some companies hold large-scale events. In the past, these used a lot of plastic. A switch to paper or other alternatives would allow them to reduce the amount of plastic they use and give them sizable savings.

Another example of changed procedures would be in supply and logistics. Many companies use plastic packaging because it is durable and can be made waterproof. However, why not use an alternative or have a more centralized inventory, so you do not need to order too much.

Work With a Recycler

Recycle sign

For some industries, it can be impossible to completely eliminate plastic in their workplace. The best they can do is reduce it. There will still be some plastic left, so it is best to contact plastic waste recycling experts so that it can be recycled back into use.

Plastic is not all that necessary once you notice it. With proper procedures, you will be able to substantially reduce your dependence on it. You might not completely eliminate it, but with a large reduction in use, your office will have a good impact on the environment.

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