Best Things to Do in Danville When on Vacation

Best Things to Do in Danville When on Vacation

Illinois is one of the best states to visit. But this Midwestern spot isn’t just popular for big-city destinations, Like Chicago and Aurora. If you look past the cityscapes, you’ll discover charming, historic and breathtaking Danville.

Why Danville?

Situated in the Vermilion County of Illinois, Danville features an abundance of attractions, from historic sites and recreational spots to arts and culture. The town was founded in 1827, so you can imagine the age and storied past of its buildings and structures. Even its war museum is housed in an historic building.

Of course, this Illinois destination isn’t just for old fogeys; the entire family will find something to enjoy here, from kayaking and swimming to ATV riding and golfing.

Alone or with the entire family, your visit here will be easy since you’ve got options for accommodations. If the kids prefer to explore the outdoors, try the camping grounds. If you’d rather cozy up indoors, try the B&Bs or hotels.

What to Do in Danville

Here are just a few of the best things to do:

  1. Visit the Vermilion County War Museum

Explore an historic museum that will offer an immersive experience is the Vermilion County War Museum. The Vermilion County War Museum is a great place to visit if you are looking for historical memorabilia from throughout the county’s history. From Revolutionary War items, such as muskets and swords to today’s modern-day military gear like helmet liners or landmine detectors – there will be something here that piques your interest.

  1. Go on a bike ride through the beautiful trails

While on vacation, you can explore the beautiful trails in Danville. The Kickapoo State Recreation Area is one of the best places in Illinois for biking. The area is more than 22 miles worth and it has everything from technical terrain to flowing sections, intense climbs, and bombing descents.

You’ll be able to find your perfect ride at this beautiful park that’s only five miles west of Danville – ; its amazing mountain bike trails also feature single track riding or cruising on dirt roads, if you want something more challenging.

  1. See a show at the historic Fischer Theatre

It’s not too late to catch a show at the historic Fischer Theatre. Regardless of your tastes, whether it leans towards comedy or drama, this theater has it all. It has Shakespearean performances of old favorites, such as “Macbeth” and “A Raisin In The Sun”; live wire dance music with DJs spinning throughout each performance on weekends.

  1. Take a walk around Lake Vermillion

Lake Vermillion is a beautiful destination for any traveler looking to get away from it all while still having easy access to nearby cities like Chicago.

The wide-open spaces will make you feel as though your senses are heightened, and there’s no shortage of places near this natural landmark where visitors can enjoy nature at its finest

  1. Shop at one of the many antique stores in town

If most of your clothes are still at the Danville dry cleaners, shopping for new outfits wouldn’t be a problem. When in Danville, antique stores should be on one of your stops. The shops in this town seem to offer something for everyone. For those looking to buy an expensive piece or just want some coffee tables, they can find what they need here.

  1. Taste some delicious food from local restaurants

Danville is home to some of the best food in America. Try local restaurants, from a Japanese steakhouse to an English pub, for exquisite dishes that will transport you across countries or time zones.

If you’re looking for a delicious way to end your meal, head on over to Custard Cup in Illinois. This ice cream starts with carefully selected ingredients from Midwestern dairy farms and is processed into sundaes (among other things!), malts & shakes, all made fresh each day.

  1. Relax at the Harrison Park Golf Course

What better way to spend your time off than by playing golf? One great spot for vacationers in Danville would be at Harrison Park Golf Course.

This 18-hole course offers some really challenging holes with beautiful views and greens perfect for practicing your swing or just relaxing.

Historic Midwest Town

Danville has it all. From outdoor activities, immersive museums, to malls and restaurants. You can’t go wrong with taking a vacation in this town, especially if you’re a history buff. Whether you want to explore history, learn about art or culture, experience the outdoors with nature at its finest – ; there are endless opportunities for fun in this region.

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