Divorce Mediation Makes The Process Less Painful

Divorce Mediation Makes The Process Less Painful

Divorce is a complicated and stressful emotional rollercoaster that can ruin your life forever. The relationship that you thought would last for a lifetime is unraveling at the seams. Your spouse no longer wants you in their life, if anything they can’t want to get away from you.

What follows is a crushing pain that can lead to a deadly mission to get back to your soon to be ex-spouse and cause them as much pain as they caused you. Rather than go down this destructive path, opt to retain experts the help of experts in divorce mediation in Long Island.

Easy on your pocket

The last thing you want on top of the pain is the added price tag that comes with hiring a high-priced attorney. Should you choose to make your divorce a knock-down-drag-out fight, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. And things can only go down from there.

As much as your former spouse hurt you, there’s no upside to dragging out the process. If anything, it only serves to reinforce the will and drive to be free of you while strengthening their resolve to be free of you. Being adversarial about it not only compounds your pain but also costs you a fortune.

Typically, a mediation cuts your costs by anything from 40 to 60 percent while letting you dissolve the union quickly as possible. As with any traumatic event, the sooner you can conclude the divorce the sooner you can commence the healing process. The low costs mean that you won’t have money problems to worry about as you embark on your healing journey.

It’s private

A process of filing for a divorce

Any proceedings that take place in a courtroom becomes a public record and anyone with an interest in the matter or even free time can sit in and listen. Any hope for privacy evaporates the moment your divorce proceedings come before a judge. That amounts to washing your dirty laundry in public, which only serves to deepen your pain.

If you value your privacy, then it would be for the best to avoid the traditional method as this public record is available to anyone. Mediation, on the other hand, is private and confidential and won’t entail a court appearance. The mediators handle all legal formalities, ensuring that each parties privacy is upheld.

It is common for spouses seeking to end a marriage to engage in an elaborate process to collect evidence incriminating the other party. You should know the courtroom and the judge aren’t there to pass moral judgment. Lewd pictures of a cheating spouse won’t sway the court but will make a juicy story for the local tabloids.

As much as it hurts, the best course of action during a divorce is to get through it as quickly as possible. Once your spouse makes up their mind to leave, you can do nothing to stop them. Dragging out the process or being combative only serve to compound your pain while reminding them why they are leaving you. Opting for mediation can help you get through the process without heaping on more misery.

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