The Documents You Need When You’re Moving to Another State

The Documents You Need When You’re Moving to Another State

Moving to another state isn’t very rare. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 7.4 million Americans moved from one state to another, according to the US Census. You can add to those numbers in your lifetime. If you’re already in the process of moving, you should know the essentials first.

Aside from preparing all the things you need to pack, there are essential things you need to carry with you. These are some legal documents necessary to make your stay on the other state official. You need all these papers too for a lot of government-related transactions.

So what are these documents that you need to bring with you? How important are they when moving to another state? Know what you need to obtain here, and make sure to include them in your checklists.

Personal Identification

These are the ones that’ll prove your identity. You’re going to be using these throughout your life whenever you go. Make sure to bring with you your driver’s license. You’re going to need this in a lot of utility applications. If you’re a foreigner, you should always bring your passport with you. The same goes for your social security card. You’ll need these as proof of your legal name. Plus, if you’re relocating for another job, some companies also need to see some identification. These identifications will also be required if you’re updating your driver’s license. Hold on to those documents too if you’re updating your vehicle registration.

Health Records

Personal health records are vital and beneficial in monitoring your overall wellness. You need these documents, especially when you’re required to see a new doctor. Remember, you’re going to leave a place where your trusted medical practitioners reside. You should carry all your medical history documents for a smooth transition. Furthermore, you should not forget your family’s health records too. Remember, these are your partner’s and your children’s medical history. Also, do not forget your pets’ veterinary records. They are as important as yours, so you should never leave them out. Your lives may depend on these documents. You should give your medical records great importance and relevance.

Housing Paperwork

lease agreement

Documents in this item include everything related to the place of your living space. Moving into a new house or apartment may require you to accomplish some forms and documents. If you’re a renter, you should carry documents your landlord has told you to obtain. These are your lease agreements, move-in checklists, and any rental-related paperwork. You need to bring copies with you if you’re moving to a newly bought house. Among these are contracts, certificates of titles, deeds of sale, tax declarations, and more. These collections of paperwork are essential. You’re going to use these for a lot of legal and official transactions. Some of these transactions include applying for condominium insurance policies or establishing a legal domicile.

Business Documents

If you’re transferring to another state along with your business, documents will be a necessity. Aside from your paperwork as a citizen, your business would have its documents too. For sole proprietorship, you’ll need documents that state the cancellation of your local business license. You’re going to use this once you apply for a new business license to the state you’re moving in. For corporations, you’ll need to close down your business from the state you’re leaving.

A document will be issued once the dissolution has been made official. If you still want to retain your business from the other state, you’ll need to submit a Certificate of Authority. You’ll have to do this in the Secretary of State office in the state you’re transferring to. This can be a lot to take in, especially if this is the first time you’re doing it. You might want to consider talking to a legal expert for businesses.

Vehicle Records

Moving to a new state will require you to abide by transition laws that involve your vehicle ownership. Typically, you will need to have your driver’s license with you to do most legal transactions. You will be required to present your current license when if you’re trying to update it. You will also need your new driver’s license to update your vehicle registration.

Always have them ready so the process of changing your residential address for these documents would go smoothly. You’ll also need these if you’re going to purchase another auto insurance policy. You may have to go through this unless your current auto insurance has coverage in your new state.

Moving from one state to another can be a bit of a challenge. However, preparing the documents you’ll need can ease the process and make your transition a little more bearable. Do this by preparing the mentioned documents to avoid hassles and delays.

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