Styling Yourself: Dressing Well for the Modern Woman

Styling Yourself: Dressing Well for the Modern Woman

Chic and stylish dressing relies on knowing how to wear clothes and accessorizing them. Style is different from fashion because fashion ever-changing but style is constant. If you have one good quality and well-fitting outfit, you can wear it anywhere as long as you accessorize it correctly.

Tailored clothes that fit you well can make a big difference in the way you look. A well-fitting outfit will make you look sleek and chic no matter the size or shape you may possess. Looking stylish is about presenting a confident and well-put-together image for the world, and a fitted outfit does that better than anything else.

Accessorizing is emphasized because this is the way you complete a look. The same outfit can go from the office to a party or brunch based on what you choose to match with it. Light makeup, chandelierĀ earrings, and a designer Bottega Veneta wallet will help to project a professional and charming image at a brunch date. Chunky heels and bracelets with heavy makeup will help you command the room at a party. Meanwhile, the same heels without any jewelry and bright lipstick will help you look relaxed yet professional at a work event.

Choose to look your best in every situation by re-evaluating the way you dress and making choices for a more confident you.

Edit Your Wardrobe

Go through your wardrobe and accessories and identify why you make the choices you currently make. You may find that you have lovely clothes that flatter you and look professional. Identifying why you do not wear these clothes will help you to make better choices. Do you reach for leggings because the pants are too tight? Does the dress no longer fit? Is the skirt a little too big?

This signals that you need to update your wardrobe. Donate everything you can no longer wear so that an underprivileged woman has the opportunity to better her life with your clothes. Then, work out a budget and begin looking for clothes that fit you. Pants that fit well around your waist will be just as comfortable as leggings and look much more stylish. Consider signing up with a high-end clothing rental app so you can have attractive clothes for an affordable price.

Your shoe collection should receive the same treatment. Shoes make a statement, and wearing dirty shoes with a stylish outfit will ruin the look you’re going for. Either get comfortable shoes that go well with the outfits you want to wear or invest in a good pair of stylish pumps that you can wear with anything.

Find a Tailor You Trust

Take an outfit to at least three different tailors in your area so you can find out which one you are most comfortable with. The right tailor will attempt to understand your needs and listen to your requests. They will also offer advice and suggestions to improve the cut and fit of your clothes.

A good tailor can make any outfit look good on you, no matter the price tag. It is the fit of the outfit that helps to make you look attractive or sloppy. It might feel like an unnecessary expense to spend money getting clothes tailored when you have already spent money on buying them. But once you have a few tailored outfits and see how it affects your confidence and improves your look and posture, you will realize the value of it.

Style for Your Shape

outfit planning

Mass-produced clothing may come in a narrow range of clothing, but there are plenty of options out there nowadays to buy attractive and good-quality clothing in a variety of sizes. These can sometimes cost a bit more than the cheap clothing from everyday brands in the mall. But a good quality outfit made well will last longer and look better than mass-produced clothing. Five or ten good-quality outfits may cost a bit to put in your wardrobe, but they can be worn for different occasions and in different combinations.

A cheap T-shirt will look up-scaled, and your overall look will feel semi-casual when paired with a well-fitting designer skirt. Similarly, a simple designer dress in black or navy blue that fits you well can be worn to the office every Monday. Instead of anyone making fun of you as in the movies, people will identify it as your Monday dress, and you will seem more professional and dignified for bringing uniformity to your appearance.

Also, when your clothes fit your shape, you will look good. This will make you feel good and confident about your appearance. Confidence is the only way to really sell any look.

If you want to bring more personality and individuality to the outfits, you can think about using patterns or bold colors in stylish ways. Explore color blocking and look up the color matching chart to help you identify which colors work best for your makeup preferences and accessories.

Patterns can be hard to work with as they are hard to match with each other. The easiest way to wear a pattern is to choose one item of clothing that is patterned and keep everything else in a plain yet in a complimentary color. If you do want to wear more than one pattern, then consider matching geometric patterns to shapes or lines and large floral patterns with small floral patterns.

As you can see, it does not require a lot of work to look great. Tailored clothing and confidence is the secret to success in this area.

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