A Connected World: the Effects of Globalization on Small Businesses in the USA

A Connected World: the Effects of Globalization on Small Businesses in the USA

The US is a sparsely populated continent when compared to other continents in the world. It was only during the 20th century when the population in the US boomed. But despite this, there is still a dire need for human resources. This problem is one of the many problems that globalization is aiming to fix in the US economy.

Manpower Shortages

Running a business means having people around to manage it. Human resources is an essential resource regardless of what industry you are in. Even digital companies rely much on human resources, and no matter how big or small your business is, you’re going to have a problem with gaining and keeping your employees.

A problem with human resources is the wage you give them annually. This is a necessary expense for many companies, and the average salary in the US is one of the highest in the world, and not many Americans are looking for less. This can be a severe problem for small businesses as they can’t afford to pay multiple employees with at least the average wage in the US.

Another ensuing problem is that the US doesn’t have enough men to work for its over 30 million or so small businesses. It’s one of the main reasons why about 600,000 businesses fail every year and why millions more suffer. It’s problematic to find the right people for the right job, and it’s even tougher to find the proper wage for them. So how does globalization solve these human resources issues, and what can it do for your small company?

Offshore Work

One way globalization is helping solve human resources issues in the US is by different offshoring tasks to overseas workers. It’s a simple process but one that is needed if many small businesses are to survive.

One of the most common offshore works is information technology. It’s crucial for every small business primarily if they rely on technology and the digital world. If you’re struggling to find cheap IT services in the US, we suggest you offshore these tasks to overseas workers. However, you’re going to need an employment-based immigration attorney for it to work. These attorneys can help you find the necessary IT workers both here in the US and abroad. They can also settle the needed paperwork for such employees to work for your company. This is fundamental to your company’s growth.

Other kinds of tasks that are being given to foreign employees are administrative tasks. Administration can certainly be hard to manage, especially in your company’s busy days. By giving administrative tasks to overseas workers, you don’t necessarily have to worry about your employees’ schedules and what they are supposed to do for the day. All of these can be emailed to you with minimal hassle.

Immigrant Workers

Cheaper airplane tickets and overall travel is some effects of globalization. This has led to a surge of immigrant workers in the US and has become the lifeline for many small businesses.

We have stated earlier that the US is a sparsely populated continent. It’s a huge landmass with barely a few people living between the east and west coast. This can be a problem for small companies living within those locations. But because of a growing number of immigrant workers entering the US, this problem is slowly being solved.

Studies have also found that some of these immigrant workers are starting their own businesses in the US. Immigrant workers run about 17% of small businesses, and these businesses are responsible for 30% of small business growth in the US. A staggering finding, but one that is keeping the economy alive.

Rapid globalization is making the US more accessible to many countries. Experts believe that this is a positive growth that can help the entire nation grow even faster than before.

Digital Tools

Another globalization variable that is helping many small companies in the US is digital tools. This levels the playing field when it comes to marketing and advertising.

Before, small businesses can’t compete with big companies when it comes to marketing and advertising simply because big companies have better spending. However, because of digital tools and globalization reaching less known regions of the world, customer reach has become cheaper than ever. Nowadays, small businesses can reach clients from other countries in a matter of few minutes. Moreover, advertisements and marketing campaigns can reach far-flung places globally for half the price businesses used to pay a couple of years ago. This has made it much easier for small businesses to grow especially in other countries.

By harnessing these tools given by globalization, you can grow your company. Expand your reach to other countries, and find overseas workers who are willing to work for your company. Your company can succeed in this ever-changing world.

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