Essential Jobs You Should Consider Outsourcing

Essential Jobs You Should Consider Outsourcing

Running a business takes knowing the best strategic course of action that can yield the most productivity while keeping costs at a minimum to keep things moving. Since any smart business owner wouldn’t sacrifice output for expenses and vice versa, one of the best moves is to outsource. It has proven to improve efficiency in at least a quarter of small businesses for a fraction of the cost of taking on full-time in-house employees. So what positions can you outsource to maximize your results and hit your objectives? Look into these for your top three.

  • CMO services

It may sound initially counterintuitive to outsource positions, such asĀ the services of a Chief Marketing Officer. However, it’s the very nature of their position that makes this a smarter move to make. You can make use of the services of an executive-level employee with the skills needed to create the proper marketing trajectory you need and only when you need it. Recent statistics show that 30% of the workweek is wasted on low-value activities that are using up precious time and resources for not much reason.

If you outsource your CMO, you can hone in on productive results as they only come in to aid your team equipped with their strategies and actionable plans, getting more things done in less time. Consider this option when mapping out your costs and how you want to develop your marketing.

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  • Customer support

This position is one of the most popular jobs to be outsourced today and for a good reason. There are a plethora of agents that can provide a diverse talent pool for you to access and provide connectivity to your customers 24/7. Countries like India and the Philippines dominate this realm with competitive prices. It’s only wise to make use of an affordable workforce that is remote, capable, and dedicated to the specific task required of them to provide excellent customer care. Doing so also frees up your workspace and allows you to focus on pertinent operational and management concerns, as opposed to having to also deal with customer services that may be out of your staff’s purview or productive workload.

  • Web Design and Maintenance

There is the perpetuated idea to this day that anything digital and technologically-related can be relegated to “the IT guys.” However, keep in mind that your information technology department should not exhaust its resources on something that can be easily accomplished by a freelancer. Since you still have software and hardware maintenance in your business to attend to on top of keeping up network security and connectivity, let your IT department focus on those factors to keep operations running smoothly. A dedicated web developer from the outside can adequately maintain and design your website well even when they aren’t in the office and mainly because that function is all they need to focus on.

Studies have shown that having to switch between a multitude of tasks hampers productivity and even results in more distractions, sloppier results, less focus, and bad prioritization of tasks.

As of 2020, over half of all companies are making use of outsourcing services. As you grow your business, it may be wise to consider this viable option now.

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