Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone by Taking Better Care of It

Extend the Life of Your Mobile Phone by Taking Better Care of It

Communication is the means of living for this generation. Staying connected through mobile devices has made everyday tasks not only easier but also more efficient. A person’s mobile phone can be considered as the most used possession next to his or her laptop or computer. High-end cell phones have the functions of a personal assistant, a laptop, audio recorder, movie player, camera and so much more.

It’s important to take care of these gadgets not only because they cost a lot but also because they play an integral role in a person’s day-to-day life. You can extend the life of your mobile devices by taking very good care of them. These simple but often neglected actions can go a long way.

Use a case and screen protector

Mobile phones are handy, and they have a tendency to be tucked in or placed anywhere. This makes them prone to accumulating scratches on the screen, which could damage the LCD. Using a screen protector not only keeps the glass from getting scratched but also protects it from cracks in case the unit is dropped.

The screen protector is a thin film applied on top of your mobile phone screen. Other users prefer to add tempered glass for added protection. The glass keeps the screen from breaking in case it is dropped, sat on, or hit by a blunt object.

Having an external case for your phone likewise adds an extra layer of protection. It keeps it from being squished inside your bag, protects it from dust, sunlight and water. The screen protector and case are inexpensive and readily available online or at cell phone accessories and repair franchises.

Keep it in a safe place when not being used

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Some people are unmindful where they leave their phones when not in use. It would help to have a fixed place where you leave your phone similar to having a spot for your keys or ID cards. Leaving your phone anywhere increases the risk of it being stepped on, sat on, knocked over or more.

If you need to have the phone within reach, set it up by your nightstand or at the coffee table if you prefer to have it outside. You can also set up the charging dock at the same place and keep the battery charged. You can leave the phone there overnight but be sure to unplug the charging dock because you don’t want to overcharge the batteries.

Keep it dry all the time

Wet hands and fingers can cause moisture to enter the phone and damage its internal parts. The LCD may also become cloudy or fogged up. Dry yourself with a towel before answering the phone after you’ve come out of the shower. Wipe your hands dry too before sending a text message after washing your hands.

When going swimming or travelling on a boat, use waterproof pouches. Water vapor or mist can get inside the phone and cause water damage. Worse, if you drop your phone in the water without a waterproof casing, there may be no way to revive it. Saltwater is particularly damaging to mobile phones and gadgets because it corrodes the internal parts.

These simple steps will help extend your phone’s lifespan and keep you from having phone emergencies due to accidents.

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