Fight Chronic Pain: 5 Habits You Need to Break

Fight Chronic Pain: 5 Habits You Need to Break

Your body is precious as you can sustain your daily needs with it. But, whenever you feel pain somewhere, it disrupts your productivity. You wonder why these pains that last for days pop out one after another when you didn’t experience any of these when you were younger.

If you have these pains that come and go regularly, these already fall under the chronic category. You can lessen their severity the next time around with the help of pain-killing medications or physical therapy, but as they say, prevention is always better than cure. Find out what habits you have that could be the origin of these pains and start taking action:


Your spine has natural curves, and they are built to enable various of your body to function. The prominent upper backbone supports the neck and your shoulder blades so you can comfortably turn and bend your neck from side to side and move your arms in all directions.

The dip in your lower spine, on the other hand, serves to support the organs in your upper torso like your esophagus, therefore, facilitating good metabolism of food. Also, it’s designed as such to properly link your thorax to your pelvis down to your lower extremities.

By slouching, you are altering the makeup of your spine, which can cause chronic complications. Scoliosis and turtleneck syndrome are the most common ones. Conditions like scoliosis and a herniated disc are excruciating as the misalignment of your spine puts pressure on your spinal nerves, therefore, causing them to swell.

On the other hand, your eyes and, consequently, your neck will tend to compensate for the lack of your workspace’s computer monitor height or if you use your smartphone for long periods. It then pushes your neck to an abnormal angle. Initially, your neck will feel sore, but if you don’t fix this poor posture, your neck will permanently tip forward, which, if anything, indicates that you aren’t attentive to your health and posture, giving people a bad impression.

Eating Uric Acid-rich Food

Red meat is irresistible for its juiciness and savory flavor you cannot get from other meat types. Just as worth indulging in are peanuts, especially salted and roasted ones. In our younger years, we can consume red meat and nuts all we want because our bodies can metabolize the fats, proteins, salt, and acids they contain.

But, this is not necessarily the case as we pick up in age. If we do not moderate our intake of red meat, among salt, bad cholesterol, and uric-acid-laden foods, the more prone we are to developing cardiovascular and digestive issues and our gall bladder and urinary tract.

If your genetic lineage has a history of gout, chances are you will endure similar issues like rheumatism as you get older, too. You can confirm this by consulting a podiatrist. Moreover, there are food items we have always known to be healthy like shellfish, beans, and spinach but are, otherwise, notorious triggers to gout because of the high levels of uric acid they contain. As such, it is always best to moderate your intake even of vegetables and, more importantly, minimize eating dishes with animal innards and drinking liquor.

Chronic Pain

Not Exercising

Eating is a vital activity, and so is exercising. You need to constantly condition your body to utilize the energy from the food you eat efficiently. Staying sedentary does not only make you gain weight, but it also increases your risk of developing other chronic conditions, to the heart and digestive tracts, for instance.

You are also making your body more prone to injuries because it is no longer used to moving. Even sitting for long hours is enough to make your hips and neck hurt. The moment you perform something strenuous, you are only shocking your joints that are yet to familiarize again with how to exert force properly.

Not Relaxing After Hours of Work

There are times when you forget that you rest so you can work. Not taking that well-deserved break can strain your body, therefore, keeping it from functioning at its optimal levels. For instance, you need to relax your eyes, from long hours staring into your computer not to strain them, or else you’re only inflicting chronic headaches upon yourself, and having that is not fun.

Sleeping Late

Those times you would binge-watch a series until the break of dawn are indeed just good old times. You can’t replicate the same hobby now that you are older because you need to re-energize for work and other grownup responsibilities the next day. Besides, constant sleep deprivation welcomes different chronic conditions like migraines, hypertension, diabetes, and mental health issues.

Final Thoughts

You are capable of dodging pain that could last for the rest of your life. Take healthy habits as investments for a pain-free life ahead.

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