Five Great Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

Five Great Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

In today’s gadget-driven world, amusement parks and indoor entertainment facilities are a welcome break from screen time. Kids need to get up and move more to prevent the onset of lifestyle-related illnesses at such an early age. If they are not into sports or outdoor activities, you can bring them to indoor amusement franchises in your area. Most of these are conveniently located inside malls or shopping complexes.

Besides encouraging them to move, these activities also help families spend more bonding time together. Some of the activities require multiple members or teams to accomplish tasks. Here are some activities to include in your weekend plans.

Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks burn energy and provide hours of fun and enjoyment for both children and adults. These wide areas have giant trampolines as the main floor and encourage guests to jump, leap, somersault and do other stunts to their heart’s content.

This kind of amusement park brings all ages together. It is also a great cardiovascular activity that doesn’t feel like a workout. With regular trampoline workouts, you can increase blood flow and heart strength, reducing your risk for heart disease.

The guests are briefed on safety rules and guidelines before they enter the play area. Ground marshals are stationed at every trampoline to assist and teach clients how to use them.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is a classic activity enjoyed by both the young and the old. It can also be a family activity with parents or uncles teaching the youngsters how to roller skate. Skating rinks inside malls have lanes for expert skaters and slower lanes for those just learning to get around.

There is also music and colorful lights to make skating more fun and engaging. Plus, it is good exercise too since all the muscle groups in the body are used when skating.

child and mother playing together

Laser Tag

Kids and teenagers mostly play laser. This advanced version of “tag” is played with guns and infrared beams. Infrared jackets are worn by each player to distinguish if they are already tagged. Mostly played by 3s to 5s, laser tag is a fun family game.

Escape Room Games

Escape rooms have been getting a lot of publicity lately and for good reasons. Unlike other games, these require not only physical strength and endurance but also mental fortitude.

It is considered as an adventure game where each player solves a puzzle, decrypts a code, answers a riddle and completes an objective for the mission to be completed. What makes it so refreshing is that it is interactive and new to the game world.


The classic arcade shop where videogames and other child-friendly activities can be played will always be a favorite. Newer and modern games have also been added such as virtual reality games and interactive dance games, but the classic Pacman and Donkey Kong will always have a place in people’s hearts.

Aside from these, you and your family can also try bowling, karaoke or archery. Spending some fun time inside amusement centers can be a worthwhile activity for everyone.

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