Fun In The Sun: The Ways to Achieve the Perfect Tan

Fun In The Sun: The Ways to Achieve the Perfect Tan

When summertime hits again, and your friends start to plan a beach getaway or even go to a beach party here in Singapore, there is absolutely just one thing that people collectively worry about, and it is getting that perfect, natural, sunkissed glow.

Getting the perfect Instagram-worthy complexion with the help of the sun is most likely everyone’s top priority when summer comes. The golden-brown touch on your skin does look amazing and gorgeous, given that you follow the right way of tanning.

It takes practice to lead to perfection; but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it once you have successfully achieved that much-adored tan and took the perfect picture. Here are a few ways you could achieve that sun-kissed glow.

Do Not Forget to Put Protection on Your Skin

Before you start putting on your swimwear and flip flops and head directly to the beach to bask under the sun, remember to always put on sunscreen. During the summer season, it is crucial and mandatory for you to apply sunscreen.

Do not be afraid that putting on sunscreen would prevent you from getting darker because your skin renews itself every ten days therefore if your skin tans slower, the more likely it is that the tan is going to last.

You need to apply the sunscreen for every two hours that you spend under the sun on the beach for effective outcomes. After all, you are aiming for the perfect sun-kissed tan and not get your skin damaged!

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly and Gently

The result of tanning is your skin’s way of reacting to the sun. So if you exfoliate regularly (and with proper care) it would avoid unnecessary build-up and eliminate the dead skin cells that could possibly block the needed sun rays.

If you forget to exfoliate (even once), it would result in an awkward, uneven tan which is, well, awkward. And you would not want that! It is vital that you regularly scrub your skin and rub gently so all the colours will not be scrubbed out.

woman applying moisturizer on face

Do Not Forget to Moisturise Before and After

One important rule in tanning is to moisturise. A softer skin does not only look fantastic when tanned, but it is much healthier as well. It is advised that you moisturise the night before you decide to go to the beach and get that tan and make sure you make your skin as silky as possible before you sunbathe.

After all, moisturised skin can have multiple benefits. It would also make your skin less dry when you decide to sunbathe. Focus on applying enough in areas that need more attention, especially those that dry the quickest.

Turn and Move Around

One common mistake in tanning is when the person starts to have different, uneven colours on them. So to avoid that mistake, you need to move around. Make sure that the sun properly reaches every part of your body so no spot could be missed.

When you are tanning facing up, make sure that you have your arms up as well – and when you turn around on your stomach and keep your arms out in the open as well. Expose all parts of your body to the sun!

Getting that perfect tan requires a ton of effort, but in the end, it is always worth it!​

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