Going Unplugged: How Students Can Combine Technology and School Activities

Going Unplugged: How Students Can Combine Technology and School Activities

Technology is not a bad thing. It’s useful for communication, accessing information, and learning how the world works. However, the abuse and overuse of these tools has become a concern. Most kids and adults end up glued to their gadgets without knowing it. It gets harder and harder to break the habit without timely intervention. Responsible adults and educators need to take the lead in showing children that there are other things they can do without entirely giving up technology.

A Balanced Schedule

When you find that your students use technology excessively, or that they cannot go anywhere or do anything without having one hand on a gadget, you know that they need to balance their gadget use and time spent on human-to-human interaction. Kids take the cue from adults around them so we ought to be mindful of the way we use and teach with technology.

Setting up a schedule throughout the day with other activities to engage students help shift focus from only one form of stimulation. You don’t have to wipe tech and gadget use completely out of your day either. Make sure that it is only a part of the day, and NOT the entire day. Have something that would exercise minds and bodies, lift spirits, and expand the heart and your social circles as well. Most schools often take away mobile phones before classes, so students can concentrate on their lessons. You could also ask parents to set a designated “tech time” for their kids. This would enable children to “check in” on their gadgets and have a little screen time.

You can also combine school activities and lessons with online apps such as an online storybook creator. Younger students can make their own storybooks and write stories they can share with their friends and family.

Arts And Crafts

kids doing art

Getting creative with art materials will encourage kids to broaden their imagination. Arts and craft lessons can do a lot to inspire students to create. But these cal also be used a starting point for more complicated projects. You can ask students to record a story or make a presentation for “Show and Tell”, both good opprtunities to use technology in the classroom.

Apart from giving the kids a time to shine, they’ll have a chance to practice storytelling to an audience. They may even be inspired to come up with their own story and merge their newfound skills with their familiarity with technology as a game designer or online storybook creator someday.


Encourage your students to read. often the interest begins at home, so ask parents to read with their kids. In school, reading aloud encourages listening and speaking skills. For more advanced readers, using the imagination can be a more welcoming activity than playing games. You can even bring everyone together to be stronger readers with reading games, word searches, or crosswords.

The Great Outdoors

Communing With Nature
You can plan short trips to parks with your students, or arrange a field trip where they can go camping or take a trip to the beach or a lake. Take a walk in the park and enjoy the fresh air. Throw a ball around or play tag. It doesn’t need to be a structured activity either. Nature walks or even a neighborhood stroll to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the world is an enriching discovery, especially for young children.

Engaging in sports not only exercises the body but also teaches a lot beyond how to win in a game. Social skills, team spirit, a healthy attitude, and sportsmanship are just a few of the positive things a kid can learn. Even non-team sports like cycling go a long way in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Performing Arts
Singing, dancing, and theater arts are also gadget-free ways that students can improve their skills and pass their time productively. They foster creativity, help children discover new passions, and teach them to make friends.

However you choose to organize and soend the day, encouraging students to lead a balanced lifestyle that combines technoloy, traditional lessons, and creative activities go a long way in expanding their imagination, discovering their talents and gifts, and building a life that uses gadgets as a tool to enhance their skills and talents.

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