How Technology Fosters Creativity, Exposure, and Self-Expression

How Technology Fosters Creativity, Exposure, and Self-Expression

The digital age has given artists more avenue to share their works, express themselves, and create more. It has unlocked so much creativity within artists, as they are exposed to more artists, gleaning more inspiration.


Also, social media has made it easier for artists to seek exposure as shares, likes, and follows can advertise artworks. Publications can call for artists and manuscripts more effectively, as they can reach more people from different areas in life.


Here are three technological advancements that are currently used in the art world:


3D Printing


With the invention of 3D printing, something that used to be impossible to assemble or sculpt can now be made into reality. From simple to complex shapes, 3D printing can produce three-dimensional objects by processing a digital file. Aside from MakerBot spare parts, a 3D printer needs plastic filament. This technology continues to transform the art world as artists use this technology to print sculptures, instruments, dresses, etc.


Graphics Tablets


Before certain technologies, artists would have to scan their works and trace them on the computer to digitize a drawing. Today, they can skip this step by the use of a device: the graphics tablet. This device allows people to skip using pen and paper to draw as the graphics tablet maps the movement of its "pen" and translates it to the computer screen.


Photo-Editing Apps


While current cameras have become more flexible to user settings, photographers need to enhance their photos through photo-editing apps. These allow them to tweak exposure, colors, texture, and a lot more aspects of the picture. Doing this brings out the true potential of photos.


On the other hand, photo manipulation through Photoshop can do as much as remove unwanted objects in the shot. Photo manipulation has been notoriously used in the fashion and beauty industries. With the right skills, Photoshopped photos can look realistic.


The advantages of these technologies are apparent in the modern world as we see more and more artists publishing their works online. Here are three benefits of the digital age:


Sharing to a broader audience


Remember that the Internet is a powerful marketing tool. Because the Internet reaches the whole world at a low cost, it's easier for artists to exhibit their works to a broader audience. Through social media platforms, they can reach people who love their work. It's also easier for them to gain commissions and more clients, even reaching more prominent brands.


More means for creation


Artists are no longer limited to the brush, pencils, and canvas. Due to technological advancement, some new gadgets and programs can digitize these media. Tablets and smartphones can be used as sketchpads, especially with the use of stylus pens. Artists can also create works on their laptops with the use of sketch tablets.


More experimentation for self-expression


Artists can use different textures and brushes on their works as these are available on digital platforms. Through this, they can experiment with a wide variety of media and maximize their creativity. They can merge different styles as they please and design intricate works.


Pay your artists!


More access to art can make one's life more colorful, imaginative, and pleasurable. Although technology has made it easier for artists to create, people should remember that art requires an immeasurable amount of energy, brainstorming, and hard work.

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