How to Ace Your First Job Interview: Three Things to Remember

How to Ace Your First Job Interview: Three Things to Remember

For most companies, your educational background and working experience are not enough to get you hired. Your potential employers have to test that you have the soft skills necessary to thrive in a professional setting and whether you would fit in nicely within the company.

That is what happens during a job interview. The company’s human resource staff or a manager will ask you questions regarding your work resume, your background, your work ethic, and your plan for the future.

Your performance during the job interview will factor in the decision of whether the company will offer you a position or not. Here are a few tips to get you ready for your job interview.

Plan What You Will Wear

While many offices populated by young people have a more relaxed rule when it comes to appearances, most companies still prefer that their employees appear professional. So, when you go in for a job interview, you have to make sure to put your best foot forward.

You may want to get a traditional haircut for men before you go to an interview. This is not a requirement. However, unless you are in a highly artistic field, it is safer to cut your hair short.

If you are sporting facial hair, you should shave it, too. It will show your employer that you are taking the application process and the job seriously.

Women should keep their hairstyle sleek and polished. A low ponytail or a bun will keep your strands out of your face, allowing you to focus on the questions being asked.

For clothing, research the company’s dress code. You usually will see them on the company website and social media pages. You can also ask the human resource department for the appropriate dress code before the scheduled meeting.

Research and Practice

One of the first things that you need to do to prepare for the interview is to get to know the company. Do your research and learn about the company as best as you can.

woman on her laptop

Check the company website. The About Us portion will have the information, including the founders and executive, how the company was established, etc. Go to Google and read articles written about the company.

There is no way to know what specific questions will be asked by the interviewer, but there are many samples all over the internet that you can try to answer. Practice answering them out loud. You can invite a friend to come over and pretend to be the interviewer.

In addition, prepare questions that you can ask the interviewer. This is also an opportunity for you to figure out the company culture and whether the company values and goals align with yours.

What to Bring

Prepare multiple copies of your resume and list of references. Sometimes, more than just one person will interview you. A panel may be called to assess whether you are the right fit for the job.

Make sure that you also have a pen and paper in your bag. This is in case you need to take note of something, or you are asked to fill up forms/answer questions before, during, or after the interview.

Finally, turn your smartphone off or, at least, keep it in silent mode. Hearing your phone ringing during the interview would make you appear rude and unprofessional. Keep it in your bag unless you absolutely need it.

Most importantly, the one thing you need to bring when you go to the job interview is confidence. The company is interested in talking to you, which means that you have the skills and experience that they need for the position they are trying to fill. Answer the questions as best as you can, and you will get the job.

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