How to Care for Fair Animals

How to Care for Fair Animals

It’s every farmer’s dream to have his farm animals be the star of every fair every year. But to achieve this, a farmer should go to great lengths to provide excellent living conditions for his animals.

Clean water

One of the ways he can ensure this is to provide clean water at all times. He should have a high-pressure piston water pump to ensure that clean water is always flowing through his farm.

Farm inspection

Another is to constantly check the farm for any damage or deteriorating facilities. This would mean a daily checkup of the whole farm to see if any repairs are needed. A farmer should check the pens and cages of his farm animals for any damage, big or small.

It can be tedious to check the whole area of the farm, especially if the farmer has hundreds of hectares of land. To do this effectively, the farmer should restrict his fair animals to a certain area of the farm. That area will be where all the fences and equipment are in pristine condition upon the farmer’s inspection. If the farmer finds some areas of his farm that are in need of repairs, he should not let his fair animals in those areas. But once he repairs the damage to those areas, he can let his fair animals move to those areas.

Minimal contact

Herd of goats and flock of sheep in the Lueneburger Heath under storm clouds

Another way to ensure that a farmer’s fair animals are in perfect health is to quarantine them from other animals on the farm. Reserve an area for the fair animals and make sure that none of the other animals would come into contact with them.

Also, the farmer should not come into contact with other animals and then proceed to handling the fair animals. If the farmer has to feed both the fair animals and the other farm animals, he should wash his hands thoroughly and even change his outfit to a cleaner one.

It is important to ensure that the fair animals are safe from any contamination. Farm animals are prone to infectious diseases, so it’s up to the farmer to implement strict measures to prevent this from happening.

Sanitize everything

If a farmer is strict in keeping the living conditions and feeding stalls of his farm animals clean as a whistle, he should double his effort when it comes to his fair animals. Fair animals’ pens and food containers should be clean and dry at all times. Also, every uneaten food should be disposed of properly, as well as the animals’ waste.

No contact with other species

A farmer’s fair animals should never come into contact with other species to avoid infections. If a farmer is exhibiting his cows at the next fair, he should never let them come into contact with sheep or goats.

Taking care of fair animals is more difficult than taking care of ordinary farm animals. But as long as one doubles their effort in taking care of their fair animals, and they know the proper way of caring for them, they’ll be able to exhibit perfectly healthy animals at any upcoming fair.

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