How to Find the Right Project Manager for your Construction Project

How to Find the Right Project Manager for your Construction Project

In any project in any field, whether it be marketing or web development, having the right person in charge spells the difference between success and failure. In the building and construction industry particularly, where failure must be minimal to zero, having the right project manager in charge should be a priority. That being said, it’s the process of finding the ideal candidate can be tricky.

Finding the right match for your project is a challenge but it’s essential and crucial for a successful construction business to process their potential project manager from the start to the end. While looking for talent, experience, and professionalism is common sense, there are a few more aspects that can help point you to the right match.
See the following tips for finding the right project manager for your construction or building project:

Do a Hands-on Interview or Test

Office interviews are great in helping you assess who your candidate is. However, knowing your right project manager will involve more than just a face-to-face conversation. Presenting them with a hands-on interview or test is a vital step in the process of helping you know the extent of their capabilities.

While there are no options for conducting simulations such as those done in aeronautics, having your candidate respond to an assumed problem will help you understand their capabilities and thought process. A great project manager should have answers to site problems such as outsourcing equipment, including a tipulator, from the appropriate companies.

Test Their Eye for Detail

Construction Worker

A project manager should have the capability to notice even the most minute details concerning the project. Ensure that the candidate you hire captures detailed planning for your project before, during and after the project is delivered. Checking out if a candidate spots minor errors in any of these stages might help you in sifting the good from the best. A project manager with keen eyes for details can also help save time and wasted resources, avoiding any future failures that may arise.

Double-check Their Environmental Awareness

These days, it’s not just about building the nicest structures. Being eco-friendly is a big deal. Environmental care is important in construction today. A great project manager ensures that a running project takes the necessary measures to minimise pollution in the environment. Not only is an environmental-conscious project manager great, but they may also save you a lot of money that would have been lost in fines for violations against environmental laws.

Having the right project manager means that you will have a project finalised in good time and that it will meet or surpass the expected standard of your clients. Finding the right project manager is, therefore, an essential step in construction to ensure that your project runs successfully. Don’t settle for just anyone who is available; take measures to hire only the best of the best. Do not stop looking and interviewing different candidates and giving them situational problems. Though it may take time, the ideal candidate will be worth the wait.

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