In-Demand Skills and Online Courses to Take to Learn Them

In-Demand Skills and Online Courses to Take to Learn Them

Continuous advancements in technology necessitate people to strive to constantly learn new knowledge and acquire new skills so they can keep up and remain above the competition. When it comes to learning new skills, whether hard or soft skills, it is important to know which ones are currently valuable in the market. And, it is equally necessary to know where to go so one can learn such skills. Fortunately, there are short courses online that workers can take during their free time. Below are some of the most in-demand skills that will look good on one’s CV, and what online courses to take to learn them:

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Data mining refers to the integration and analysis of large databases to discover patterns and establish relationships while statistical analysis involves data collection, interpretation, and validation. These skills are required in the areas of marketing, finance, logistics, finance, and operations management, to name a few.

Courses to take: Accounting and Finance Foundation, Excel Training

Web Development

In this digital age, business owners go to great lengths to establish a strong online presence. Part of this is making sure that they have a user-friendly, content-optimized website. With an increasing number of people using the internet and mobile devices to search for information, web developers are needed by companies even more.

Courses to take: Web Application Development, XML, PHP, MySQL

Content Writing

Running in the same vein as web development, content writing is an indispensable skill when it comes to building online visibility. Articles and blog posts don’t just come out of thin air. Websites must contain compelling content so it can attract readers and increase website traffic.

Courses to take: Writing Articles, Writing in Plain English

Game Development

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, and those who do, are likely to have games installed in their phones. Game development is one of the technical skills that will continue to be in-demand for years to come. Developers need to constantly think of ideas that will give birth to the next most downloadable gaming app.

Courses to take: 2D/3D Game Development, Character Animation, MAYA, Mobile Programming

Project Management

Project management is a skill that cuts across industries and careers. Projects may vary from one industry to another, but the knowledge and skills remain the same. Skills include strategy development, project design and integration, quality control, risk management, and communications among others. Project management is also a skill requirement in C-level positions, making it a valuable skill to learn for workers who desire to move up the corporate ladder.

Courses to take: Lean Six Sigma, Managing Teams, Project Management


studying sales

A company’s sales team is its lifeblood. They bring in the numbers, which is critical in determining whether a company is able to sustain its operations. Companies will continue to look for this skill in the market as it will help the company successfully grow.

Courses to take: Negotiation, Persuasive Selling, Managing Sales Process

The great thing about taking online short courses is one can gain different skills within a short period of time and at any environment they feel comfortable in. They allow people to fill knowledge gaps, giving them a competitive edge when it comes to landing a job or a promotion.

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