Is a Career in Medicine the Best for You?

Is a Career in Medicine the Best for You?

There are people whose dreams are to write beautiful poetry and novels that will capture the hearts of millions all over the world. There are some whose careers are to teach the young with the hope that they would learn much from the older generation’s achievements and mistakes and make their lives better. There are also those who tirelessly work day and night to save the lives of millions of other people. These people work in the medical and health sciences field.

If you are interested in learning medicine or having a related career in the field, then you better be ready for a lot of sleepless nights and long-hour shifts because the traditional 9-to-6 setup does not come with saving lives.

Can your body take it?

Life as a medical worker can be very taxing and tiring. Most jobs will wear you out more than the others. This is especially true for EMTs, paramedics, and ER nurses and doctors.

You need to constantly move around from one room to another, talking to different patients and their families, administering tests, and doing surgery. The hardest part is that sometimes, these hardworking employees do not have enough time to sit down and eat or even go to the bathroom.

If you feel as if your calling is stronger than the physical and mental wear of the job, then it must be for you.

What is your specialisation?

Physical therapist with senior patient

After you decide to pursue a career in the medical field, you must then consider the specialisation or area of focus you want. Bear in mind that some specialisations will take years of study before you are allowed to practice it.

Each specific field of interest has its own struggles and joys in learning and practice. Some people might prefer working with children or the elderly. Others would want to work in the emergency room. It all depends on what you really want to learn and want to be.

Find what works best for you and stick to it. Of course, if you have a specific calling that you wish to pursue, by all means, do whatever you can to achieve it.

There are also additional health-related classes that you can take, such as nutritional therapy or herbal medicine, to help boost your knowledge. While it may not directly be in line with your chosen specialisation, the extra knowledge you can gain will not hurt.

Are you financially and mentally prepared?

Aside from being physically prepared for all the tiring study and work sessions you would be getting yourself into, you also need to prepare yourself mentally and financially.

You will be using your brain a lot while you are in med school and while you are working. At any given day, you might even be working multiple shifts.

When it comes to finances, you must be ready with a decently sized budget for your studies. Med school is not cheap, so you and your wallet might be in for quite a financial struggle.

A career in medicine, is it for you? Maybe it is, and maybe it is not. Only you can answer that. But if you are planning to pursue a career in the field, then you must always remember  to be prepared in your studies and while you are working. Preparation and focus is key to giving your patients the best treatment they need.

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