Job-hunting in the 21st Century: Finding Careers in Public Service

Job-hunting in the 21st Century: Finding Careers in Public Service

Job-hunting can be a gruesome task, especially with the influx of job seekers who are fresh out of university. Then some are looking for a career change. All these people are your potential competitors who have more experience and credibility than you — better candidates in all aspects.

So you have to be able to sell yourself through your CV or resume. Highlight your skills and experiences to show that you are a credible candidate. Make potential employers remember you through your applications and leave a mark when you get to the interviews.

However, there is also the factor of not knowing where to start looking for jobs. Unlike job searching in other industries, you can’t just contact government offices to ask for job openings. It seems impossible to find a job unless you do so with connections.

But not everyone has connections they can utilize whenever they need something done. As a self-starter and a responsible job seeker, you can turn to other methods that are proven to be effective in job-hunting, such as:

Government Websites

Since most of the worldly transactions have moved online, your target government department likely has its own website regularly updated with news and vacancies. You can visit their pages to check if they have job opportunities for you and the details regarding where and how you can apply.

You can also easily search through local and central government websites about other vacancies in related positions and industries.

Employment Agencies

You can also apply for jobs through a public sector recruitment agency that can match you with opportunities that fit your credentials. These agencies can match all job seekers to temporary, interim, or permanent positions that they are qualified for.

Finding a job that will fit your credentials is easier through an agency because they will be doing the arduous work for you. Agencies usually conduct the appropriate interviews and tests that companies require, so you won’t have to go through those repeatedly.

An employment agency can also provide you with certain benefits and helpful feedback throughout your application.

The best thing about looking for work through an agency is that they can cover different industries that you might not have considered because you have your heart set on a dream job. When searching for a job, your priority should be financial stability and pursuing a dream as secondary.

Social Media Channels

using phone

With the rise of social media sites and the expansive platform they offer, most companies and offices utilize them to widen their reach. Your target office might have an account where they post their job vacancies and updates about their current events.

A popular global network that most employers use to find job seekers is LinkedIn. In that platform, employers can easily search for prospective candidates before they even advertise their vacancies.

So you must make yourself visible online. Having an updated LinkedIn profile filled with your credentials, experience, and skills is a great way of establishing an online presence.

Newspaper Advertisements

This may seem outdated, especially in the digital age, but many local offices and organizations still publish job vacancies in newspapers. While you’re still job-hunting, give your local newspaper a chance because you might find a good job posting there.

Going local means that you will have fewer potential competitors for the advertised positions. It can also be a great way of finding jobs closer to your home and are more focused on helping your own community.

When looking for jobs, most people have difficulty deciding where to pursue a career between the public and private sectors. Although the private sector is an inviting industry, being a public servant has its benefits.

A few of the notable benefits of being a public servant are job security and financial stability. Unlike privately-owned companies prone to closure, public sector organizations are stronger because the government backs them.

Having a career as a public servant also means that you directly help your local community and your country through the work you do every day. You will also have a greater sense of responsibility because you get your salary from the taxpayer’s money.

No matter what sector you find a career in, be sure that you do your best as an employee. Remember all the gruesome experiences you had when job-hunting and the series of events that led you to have that job after. That experience will keep you grounded.

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