Just Do It: Ways to Overcome Overthinking When Starting a Business

Just Do It: Ways to Overcome Overthinking When Starting a Business

startup business people group working everyday job at modern officeBeing a good thinker is a must in business. But as with other things, you can have too much of a good thing. A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are complacent, never really becoming a full-fledged one precisely because of overthinking. Of course, you want to keep track of your steps and make sure that you’re doing things right, but too much scrutiny can also result in being fixated on details, never pushing through with anything as a result. You know this well: analysis paralysis. Here are some practical ways to bust out of this dilemma and start your business once and for all:

Keep perfection out of the equation.

Too often, starting entrepreneurs find themselves so obsessed with drawing up a perfect plan. The idea is to satisfy this and that, these and those, and when it doesn’t, scratch it and start over. But the thing is, you can never arrive at a perfect business plan. You’ll only be able to improve it over time with experience and knowledge gained by being immersed in the industry. Thus, instead of aiming for perfect, you should aim for a simple, decent plan. When you have the essentials, go ahead. Plot the tasks for each aspect of your business, starting with the foundational elements such as funding, site inspection, and marketing. Then, set a deadline for each activity.

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Seek other people’s opinions.

Overthinking is a cycle. The more you dwell on your thoughts, the more you overthink. That’s why the antidote is to pop the thought bubble, at least for a while. Ask for others’ opinions about your dilemma. Be sure though to ask the right people. The last thing you need is unsound advice that will throw you further into the overthinking mill. Seek the help of other entrepreneurs in your field. Find your passion community. Some new entrepreneurs consider being part of a franchise program, exploring pizza restaurant chains or ice cream franchises. They can meet like-minded individuals who give sound advice for tough decisions.

Be comfortable with taking risks.

Those who are just starting in the business find it hard to take the first step and only resort to analyzing their actions because of the risk of failure. Fear is a valid emotion, considering that you’re jumping into uncertainties. But even though there are lots of things you’re not sure if you can gain some level of certainty in some situations, like how many people in your target locale are kids or how strong the competitor is in the industry. These things will help you estimate whether or not an idea or opportunity is worth it. The point here is to use the information available to you rather than being fixated on what can go wrong in your endeavor so that you can move forward.

In the end, it’s time to break the cycle of overthinking. Don’t let your thoughts and anxieties keep you from doing one of the most rewarding endeavors in life. Get started on your business today.

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