Preparing Your Home When Going on a Vacation

Preparing Your Home When Going on a Vacation

Many people would wait for a grand vacation, spending time with the family for a month out of town. However, is your home safe from break-ins or natural disasters that might create a problem once you return from a trip? Sometimes, people focus only on the things that are needed to bring for vacation and missed obligations that would keep their homes from causing a problem.

It is natural to miss out on one or two things when you are all busy preparing, but it is always nice to take some notes just to remind you of the things you need to do before leaving the house. Here are some tips you could use to prepare your home and keep it safe when going on a trip.

MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE AND TIDY suggests cleaning the house before leaving. Imagine if you went on a family vacation for a month without taking out the trash and left your refrigerator with food that could spoil. Once you return, the bad odor will definitely be all over your place and you do not want that. The worst thing that could happen is for pests to invade your house.

Be sure to get rid of the things that might cause unwanted smells in your home and make sure everything is tidy. Get rid of the trash, Clean the dishes, Take out leftovers in your refrigerator, replace bed sheets or pillowcases that had been used for some time, do the laundry, and keep everything in its proper place. This eliminates the odor in your home and will help you avoid some extra chores once you return from that long vacation.

It protects your home from unwanted pests that could swarm your house when you are away. It always feels great to see your house clean and you do not need to do anything but relax.


The standard protocol when leaving your home is to check necessary details to prevent fire and cause any harm. Check your smoke detectors; they might need some battery replacements if they have been used for a long time.  This is a good way to be sure that they are working properly to detect any possible threat of fire before it becomes a problem. You might also want to check your kitchen and laundry area to make sure that your appliances from stoves to washing machines are all turned off. Then check the rest of your appliances like television and radio to be sure nothing is plugged.


home repairs concept

If you are planning for a long vacation, the best way to keep your house safe is to look into some minor repairs. There might be some locks that are no longer working and could lead to break-ins. It always feels great to know that no burglars could invade your home during your vacation. It is also better to check electrical lines, water lines, and roofing that could cause some problems when you are away. Checking some minor repairs keeps your home safe from extra trouble.  Make sure that everything is in good condition to avoid extra work when you return.


Most houses are now equipped with security cameras equipment for monitoring and safety. This security technology comes with remote monitoring functions that you could perform while away. The camera helps you see people who come to your house from your mobile phones and you may install smart outdoor lighting technology that keeps your house lit up. This can confuse passers-by and can get the impression that somebody is around. There are other features that you could remotely sound the alarm to let other people know that something is happening, keeping the burglars away.


You may want to let somebody know from your neighborhood that you are on vacation. It is always safer to let someone watch your house when you are gone. Asking a favor from your neighbor to check your house once in a while, can help you keep your house safe. Even your friends could pass by and check if there is something going on. Just make sure to give them souvenirs when you get back.

There are other ways to keep your homes safe and secure when going on a trip. Just remember to check out the guidelines if you are not sure if you have remembered everything. Put a to-do list on your wall, to keep you reminded and come prepared if you are planning on your next long vacation. Always remember, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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