Legal Right after the Divorce: Visitation and Connection with Your Baby

Legal Right after the Divorce: Visitation and Connection with Your Baby

As everything seems upside down now, it’s no longer news that the pandemic wreaked havoc all over America. It’s like having a bad dream that you fail to wake up from no matter how hard you try.

And true enough, even marriages are under attack. There’s a high rise in break-ups and divorce in America these days. You will be surprised to find out just how many people had to go their separate ways this past year. It’s not just random people on the streets who experienced this. Many of your favorite celebrities had to deal with this as well. So if you are in the same shoe, don’t look so sad as you are not alone.

Of course, it seems ridiculous. Why separate something that you have tried with the best of your ability to unite in marriage? But it’s a reality that has been driven to greater heights during the pandemic.

The good news is even when divorces are hard, the law is there to protect you. Take note that handling divorce in families can be an emotional roller coaster ride, especially for the children. Children are affected emotionally, psychologically, and in many other areas. That’s why making sure you give them ample time is wise. Here’s how to get your visitation rights the legal way, and then some.

Visitation After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is pretty hard because there are so many things to be sorted out. It becomes even harder when you have kids in the picture. As much as you want to go your separate ways, don’t forget. You can leave your partner, but you can’t leave the responsibility to your children behind.

One of the main tussles between divorced parents will be when vying for child custody. Both parties, in many cases, want to gain custody of their children even after the divorce. This is why coming to an agreement many times can be difficult. But then again, an agreement can always be reached.

Know there are different types of custody, and each state has different statutes in pursuing them. At the same time, there’s access when it comes to your children. So even if you are not the sole custodian of your children, you can be granted free access to them. This way, you can still maintain your relationship with them.

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It may sound pretty simple, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Some custodial parents prevent non-custodial parents from seeing their children. This could last for weeks, months, or even years. When this happens, some people give up and don’t bother trying. This shouldn’t be the case.

One way around this is having a specific day and time for visitation. These days should not be missed for any reason. Have a heart-to-heart talk with the custodial parent about how much you value time with your children. So they should try to meet up with the schedule. If there’s a special event that’s not part of the visitation day, let your partner know. Plan and make necessary adjustments.

In case you miss any visitation day, or your children couldn’t make it have a make-up date. That’s why keeping track of visitation days as a non-custodial parent is vital. Have a journal, a reminder on your phone, or even a calendar that reminds you. This makes it easier for you to keep up with visitation.

As much as you enjoy spending time with your children, don’t result in desperate measures. We’re talking about self-help or withholding child support. These two can land you in big trouble.

If you’re being denied your visitation rights, there are legal steps you can take to get one. It can be a drawn-out process but be patient. Your child is worth the wait.

Connecting with Your Baby

If you have a very young child, they most likely will not understand what’s going on. But make no mistake about it. They can feel the tension and are affected by the emotional hang-up.

When young children don’t see a parent for a long time, they get detached easily. So, you will have to put in the extra work to make sure your child is still emotionally attached to you. How do you accomplish this?

To boot, you have to make sure to spend enough time with your child. Always find time for your child. Think about it. The more time you spend with your child, the more you show them they’re loved. In short, they get connected to you.

It’s paramount you learn to attend to the baby’s needs. Their needs may be small, but for a baby, they’re significant. Learning to respond to those needs affectionately can prove to be a great way to establish you truly care for your child.

Take time to feed them when they’re hungry; hold them when they need a hug. Moreover, from time to time buy them clothes. A store for infant clothing should help you big time in this regard. Shop for accessories like headbands, caps, glasses, socks, and many more. Indeed, it would be best to go to a store that offers a wide variety of baby clothing.

Doing all these baby steps can go a long way to building trust between you and your child. Your child learns to love you more and rely on you more.

In turn, this helps keep the child emotionally and psychologically stable even after the divorce. Most importantly, your baby knows they are taken care of by their father.

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