Legally Starting a New Life in a Different Country

Legally Starting a New Life in a Different Country

Moving to a different country can be both exciting and daunting for anyone. While top executives of multinational companies do this all the time, it’s not easy for an ordinary person to make this type of decision. And the current pandemic only makes the task more challenging with all the travel restrictions imposed by countries worldwide.

But once everything has settled down, and the pandemic is over, traveling to another country will become easier. Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to start a new life in a different country legally.

Research About the New Country

The first thing to do is research the country you’re planning to make into your new home. It would help if you researched the people, the cities, the culture, and their traditions. Knowing more about the country allows you to know what is socially acceptable or not.

For instance, you’re considered late if you don’t arrive ten minutes before the schedule in Japan. Or every Friday is “taco night” in nearly all households in Norway. These are small things that you should know about in the country you’re planning to settle in.

You should also research about life as a foreigner in the country. There may be some things you took for granted in your home country that isn’t offered in the country you’re settling in. During these times, healthcare is quite important. Due to this, check the healthcare system to see if you need to get additional insurance from a private company.

Another thing to check is how you can legally stay in the country for a long time. If you’re already in your golden years, you can check the requirements for a retirement visa in the country you’re planning to settle in.

Some countries require a specific monthly income for foreigners to get a retirement visa. These countries normally offer many benefits for retirees, including a lower cost of living, fewer restrictions on buying property, and discounts.

Learn the Language

If English isn’t widely spoken in the country you’re eyeing, it’s advisable to learn the language. It’s essential for you not to rely mainly on your English-speaking skills since you may encounter a local who doesn’t speak the language. It’s quite challenging to talk to a local who doesn’t speak a word of English when you also don’t speak the local language.

You can try using hand signals, but this will take forever to get your message across. Start with simple everyday phrases that can help you get by. Learning to speak the local language also allows you to connect with the locals.

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Find a Job

Finding a job is the next challenge for you if you’re planning to move to another country. You can start your job search even before you leave your home country. Sending your applications to companies you’re interested in will be your first step.

But if you’re a native English speaker, you can also apply for a job as an English tutor. For instance, an English tutor in Japan earns between $1,700 and $5,000 per month. But this would depend on the qualifications.

Additionally, you should also make sure you get the necessary documents to work legally in the country. For instance, working in Australia requires you to get a visa with work rights. The country offers several temporary and permanent skilled working visas for foreigners looking to stay in Australia.

Check Your Finances

Your finances are going to be the most important thing to consider when legally moving to another country. It’s advisable to have enough money saved to last you a couple of months, especially if you are still looking for a job.

But if you have enough money, you can consider buying a house to save on rent. You can check the requirements for a home loan at a local bank and see if you can afford it. But before doing this, you should check if a foreigner can legally own property in the country. For instance, foreigners cannot buy land in the Philippines, but they can buy condominium units.

Process Your Visa

At this point, you can start processing your visa. One way for you to legally stay in a country for a long time is to get a retirement visa in the country you’re planning to settle in. But this type of visa has an age requirement.

So, if you’re still young, you may want to start with a working visa. You should check the requirements since each country has its own set of requirements.

Legally starting a new life in another country can be quite challenging and stressful. But if you’re keen on moving abroad, all your work prepare and process everything will be worth it.

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