Make the Most Out of Seattle in a Day

Make the Most Out of Seattle in a Day

People flock to Seattle, the gleaming gem in the Pacific Northwest, from all over the country. It’s a massive tech hub with headquarters of companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, which draw in a large influx of business travelers, many of them with only a day or two to experience what the city has to offer. If this description fits you, these are some ways you can make use of the limited time you have at hand to enjoy Seattle.

Get a hotel in a convenient location

If you have only a few hours to explore, the most important decision for you is where to get a hotel. Staying in the downtown area will put you in close proximity to most of the important sights to see. Some good neighborhoods for getting a hotel are found in downtown Seattle, which will make it easy for you to visit sights like the Paramount Theater and the Bay Pavilion. If you prefer to live close to the downtown area but avoid the chaos, staying in hotels near KeyArena in the Queen Anne neighborhood is a good idea. From here, you can easily access sights such as the Space Needle and Discovery Park.

Take public transport or use a bike

woman putting on a helmet for biking

As is expected from a city its size, Seattle has a traffic congestion problem. If you are on a tight schedule, losing time to traffic can be frustrating. On the bright side, Seattle is very well-connected in terms of public transport networks. There is no shortage of public transportation options, especially if you are staying in the downtown area. It is well served by a light-rail line that goes from downtown to the University of Washington, a monorail that goes from downtown to Queen Anne, a metro line consisting of buses that serve downtown Seattle, and also a streetcar that runs through downtown and is a favorite among tourists. There are also bike and scooter rentals that you can use to get around. That is if waiting for trains and buses is not your cup of tea. You can even learn about the city’s history by taking bike tours available online.

Make use of mealtimes

Seattle is famous for its music scene. It is known as the home of two of music’s greats, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. The Seattle grunge scene is legendary. But there is so much more to grunge and rock in Seattle. It is the scene of a burgeoning jazz sound, which you can catch in many of the city’s well-known music venues. But if you don’t have much time on your hand, going to a show might mean having to give up sightseeing. Get around this by taking your lunch or dinner in a place that also features live music. There are bars, cafes, and teahouses all over Seattle that host local talents and even book big names.

Traveling in a rush doesn’t mean having to miss out on key sights. It simply requires extensive planning and a passion to explore. After all, Seattle is the perfect place to be sleepless in.

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