Critical Management Decisions for Your E-Learning Business

Critical Management Decisions for Your E-Learning Business

E-learning is becoming one of the most prevalent industries today. Many people are utilizing the services in this industry to expand their knowledge, while some use it out of desperation because of the lack of schools. The pandemic has certainly pushed this industry to the top. However, managing such a business can be challenging because it has a business model like no other.

Last year, the e-learning industry was worth $226 billion. This growth was attributed due to the pandemic. However, more and more people have started to believe in the benefits of e-learning, especially for people who want to learn new skills. Moreover, the industry has a lot of room to grow. Management is a crucial skill to have if you want to expand your e-learning business. But first, let’s talk about e-learning.


As you know, e-learning is all about giving people a chance to learn through electronic means. Before the pandemic, e-learning was mainly for people who want to learn new skills online. However, nowadays, many e-learning companies are now offering curriculum from the K-12 learning systems. This is because many schools can’t sustain the growing number of students returning to school.

Furthermore, government agencies are investing more into e-learning because the pandemic isn’t going away. The rising number of cases of the Delta variant shows that. This is good for the e-learning industry and for the entrepreneurs who are investing in the sector. So if you’re part of this sector, how can you manage your business so that it can grow? First off, you must increase the number of employees under your command.

Increase Employees

The first thing about growing an e-learning business is increasing the number of employees in your company. This means increasing the number of teachers and tutors you have. The more employees you have, the more you can generate online classrooms. These new online classrooms will generate more revenue for your company, which will be your base funds to grow your e-learning business. But how do you manage all of these things?

Project Management Apps

There is no other way to manage your classrooms but through project management apps. These apps can be used to schedule your teachers and tutors with different customers. It will also streamline business operations in your company.

Investing in these management apps is crucial if you’re planning to grow your business. It’s also important if you’ve only started in the industry. Contacting your employees individually is never an option. Instead, learn to give them tasks without needing to talk to them. Management apps are your best bet for this.

If you want to expand your market, consider globalizing your operations.

Globalizing Operations

Many e-learning services are offered worldwide simply because if you keep your services within your country, you will oversaturate the market. For example, there can only be so many ESL tutors or teachers, and most of them are teaching their students proper grammar. However, expanding your market to places like China or Southeast Asia gives you access to more customers who want to learn everything about the language.

However, there is a problem with globalizing operations, and that is, how do you keep track of each region’s progress? One way to do this is to have team leaders for each region.

Assigning Team Leaders

Managing and expanding can be a serious headache if you don’t have trusted and experienced people in your command. This is why you should have a couple of team leaders to manage your teams from different regions.

Team leaders can have access to the administrative section of the management apps you have. They can individually assign employees to classrooms, so you never have to lift a finger. All you need to have to do is listen to their reports at the end of the month.

It’s a straightforward structure but one that most e-learning companies overlook. If you have more than ten employees working in different regions of the world, having a couple of team leaders to lead them will make a difference in your company’s productivity.

The Bottomline

Business expansion is important if you want your e-learning company to take advantage of the industry’s current growth. However, it can certainly be hard to manage.

The very first thing you need to implement is project management apps. This will help you assign tasks to employees easily. However, once you’ve globalized your business, it’s time to get some team leaders into the mix. These team leaders can lead different regions, and they only need to report to you a couple of times a month.

Ultimately, this streamlines your business operations. It might not be as hands-on as it used to be, but at least you don’t have to worry about every single problem that pops up in your business while you’re busy expanding.

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