Methods of Resetting Vintage Jewelry

Methods of Resetting Vintage Jewelry

Most people assume that the only reason to reset a vintage jewelry piece is if it’s wearing out. Resetting is after all the best choice for pieces that have been extensively damaged, and some sprucing up might not do much for them. There are, however, numerous reasons to reset your jewelry. The piece’s setting might, for instance, not match your style or maybe you are growing tired of the setting style you chose initially.

Many divorced women also choose to reset the yellow gold wedding bands for her to get a different look. This way, they are not always reminded of a failed marriage. Resetting jewelry irrespective of its complexity is no easy task. Without a professional jeweler for the resetting job, you might cause more harm to the piece and damage it beyond repair. The following are the professional techniques a jeweler might recommend for the resetting of your piece:

Upgrading the Stone Count

If your jewelry only features a small or solitary gemstone, you can reset it by adding more stones. You can choose to get several stones matching the existing one or colored gemstones to generate a beautiful variety for the piece. If for instance, you have a diamond, you can opt to add amethysts crystals and emeralds to complement it and transform your piece. This option is generally used by couples who add a stone to their wedding ring for their anniversaries.

Add a Halo to Your Center Stone

There are times when the shine of your center stone is dull and your piece does not stand out as it should. In these instances, adding a halo to this stone will boost its glitter and make it seem bigger. The jeweler will recommend adding a row of sparkly stones as the halo for your center stone to make your piece stand out once more.

Upgrade Your Stone’s Setting

person fixing a jewelryThere are those looking for a subtle resetting option for their jewelry. Their answer lies in upgrading their stone’s setting. This involves the addition of height to your stone and layout to make your jewelry look new. Stone setting upgrades are generally done on diamond engagement rings and lift the stone from your band to make it prominent. This will also protect the stone from wear and tear in the future.

Add Charms

The essential jewelry piece in your collection is one with a high sentimental value rather than monetary value. If these pieces are no longer wearable, you can turn them into charms and use them in your everyday jewelry pieces. The jeweler, in this case, might melt the old piece or repair a few nicks and scratches, and then solder or glue them to one of your pieces. This way, they remain a reminder of some critical times in your life while upgrading the look of your jewelry.

Vintage jewelry is more often than not a family heirloom. You can’t afford to throw or give it away when it loses its shine or no longer meets your fashion desires. With the above alternatives for resetting your pieces, even the dullest piece can be transformed into one that generations will want to have.

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