Moving Into a New College Dorm? Know The Regulations First

Moving Into a New College Dorm? Know The Regulations First

When most high school graduates leave for college, there’s a huge chance that they will be moving away from their city and their home and stay in a dorm for the rest of their years in college. Moving away from your hometown, moving into a new place with different people, and the looming pressure of a demanding college life would be difficult at first. But with the right preparation, it could be a little easier. Here are a few key factors that you need to consider when you choose and move in a college dorm.

Ask Help When You Start Moving

To make the transition run smoothly and be easier for you, don’t just put the burden on yourself and ask for the help of a friend or a family member when you move. This way, you would be more organized and reassured that you got everything you needed. The labor wouldn’t be too much for you as well, and it wouldn’t hurt to have someone you know to be there with you before you traverse into the unknown.

Prepare a List of all the Things You Need

Most colleges provide a list of necessary things when you want to move into campus housing. This usually includes a list of items that would already be present in the dorm to avoid having duplicates. For instance, most college dormitories are already equipped with mattresses, dressers, and sometimes they even provide desks and chairs for students to study. You would need to provide yourself with with your essentials like blankets, food, lamps, and so forth.

Finding a Nearby Laundry Place

One of the most important things that you would need to consider when you start moving into a college dorm is your laundry. With college requirements and exams occupying most of your time, you would need to find a place that is close to a laundromat in your area. One close to your dorms would not only be beneficial because of the distance but also would save a lot of your time. Laundromats on nearby college campuses also tend to give student discounts in some places.

Get to Know the Housing Rules and Regulations

dorm roomIt’s important to remember that you are moving to an entirely new place which means an entirely new set of rules. Get to know the house rules within the dormitory before you even move to familiarize yourself and to avoid getting in trouble. It’s also possible that it might have stricter rules if it’s located on the campus, so knowing the rules would save you the trouble. Some dormitories do not allow certain items, so knowing beforehand would help you and lower your chances of (hopefully never) getting evicted.

Make Use of Trash Bags and Bins

It won’t be surprising if both of your roommates turn out to be extremely busy as the semester starts, therefore making your room messy. It’s understandable if the room wouldn’t be as tidy as when your mother would clean it, but just having trash bags and bins would segregate the mess and lessen your work. A clean and organized environment has also proven to help people be more productive, so cleaning little by little would still be helpful.

It’s not easy to move away from everything that you’re familiar with – mostly as a young adult curiously wandering in the big world, but with proper preparation and guidance, your first move into a whole new world in college would be a smooth, less stressful one.

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