Netflix: an Online Game Changer

Netflix: an Online Game Changer

It wasn’t long ago when Netflix was a video rental shop. Netflix allowed users to rent or buy DVDs online, which in the late 1990s, was a convenience for many people. They required clients to get a membership so that they could borrow as many videos as they want with no late fees, shipping or handling fees, or even per-title rates. It was the first online video store and had the entire DVD catalog of movies that rivaled the industry giant at that time, Blockbuster.

But as the 2000s progressed and Internet bandwidth and speed improved, many users were able to view and stream many of their favorite movies online. So in 2006, Netflix decided to deliver a streaming service that was similar to YouTube and was the first online company to offer video-on-demand online. It was no coincidence that at the same time, DVD sales were beginning to plummet.

Technology Made Netflix

Netflix was able to shift their business just in time to meet the changing demands of the consumer, but they were also smart enough to use the latest technology. In 2016, Netflix announced that it was offering a global streaming service that would be available in 130 countries. Dave Hahn, one of the company’s senior engineers, explained the sheer amount of work and technical design they needed to consider to make Netflix a global television network. But all of it would not have been possible without using cloud file synchronization solutions.

Going to the Cloud

The move enabled the company to improve its services and the speed to which it could release content, experiment with the system, and improve online interactions. Recently, the company has been experimenting with a top ten list that shows the most popular programs and movies. The system has helped predict which shows would be renewed and recommend films that viewers might have skipped. Redditor recently used the list and assigned values to the programs on the list. They then added the number of days each show was in a spot. The result was a list of the most-watched programs on Netflix for the past three months.

Creating Content

video content

The success of the streaming service made Netflix the biggest success in the first decade of the 2000s, but it also made other media companies consider creating their own streaming service. The first to do so was Disney in 2016. But this did not deter Netflix. They decided to create content, too, with television shows and movies that only Netflix viewers could see. It was a move that made the company a contender in the television arena, along with traditional networks and cable programmers such as HBO.

The Challenge of Corona

The pandemic has made people spend more time at home and watching more programs on television. But even as Netflix grows, there are concerns with the rising number of cancellations. But many experts believe that Netflix will remain strong; the company has remained competitive through the years, and with their continuous use of technology and creative freedom to their showrunners, the future is looking bright for the once online film rental shop.

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