Planning and Customizing a Wedding That’s Right for you

Planning and Customizing a Wedding That’s Right for you

It’s your big day. How you want your wedding to turn out—whether it’s a grand gathering, a solemn or intimate event, or a celebration of you and your spouse’s interests—is all up to you.

Each of the wedding customization options you have on the table has own unique appeals and planning challenges. Ultimately, you and your spouse should decide on a wedding theme that suits how you wish to celebrate it with the people you love. Not everyone is going to have the same idea of what to look for in a wedding and reception, so don’t be pressured to choose something that didn’t feel right. Here are a few ideas on how to get started.

Wedding places could vary immensely with your plans. Both grand and intimate weddings, however, can take place closer to home. A countryside getaway not far from Wichita, KS, for instance, may be a perfectly picturesque backdrop for your big day.

Grand vs. Intimate

Private, more intimate weddings are easier to manage and a lot less expensive to organize and plan. You might be able to give more time to each of your guests and afford to go all out and provide amenities that you would otherwise not be able to afford. Smaller events also mean an easier time to spend time with your guests.

An intimate wedding and reception aren’t just a lot less expensive; this event might be suited for people who are less socially inclined or wish to keep their life events among good friends and close family.  However, a smaller wedding and reception may make a venue feel empty. Likewise, choosing who to invite may be a challenge, and you also risk offending people you didn’t invite.

People who are big on socialization, have big families, or both might be tempted to go big instead. You don’t have to worry about excluding anyone if you have a big enough list. Bigger weddings also tend to be more festive events that truly become parties, though they also naturally come with a hefty price tag and may put a strain on the budget.

Much Ado About Themes

Most people might be inclined toward traditional weddings, but this is hardly the only option available to people today. Adding a bit of variety can make your special day all the more memorable. Theming your wedding helps give your big day its own unique twist. Just how elaborate your theme would be, however, would depend largely on your budget and your tastes. Simple themes such as romantic or vintage are variations of traditional approaches and can be accomplished with simple flourishes and dress codes.

Non-traditional approaches theming may make sense if you and your partner want to celebrate aspects of your personalities that were a big part of your relationship. Shared interests such as travel, a love for animals, and occasional whimsy make excellent starting points for weddings.

Recent trends in nontraditional weddings include fandom-inspired weddings themed after television shows, movies, and other mutual favorites. Breaking from tradition, however, can become a logistical challenge as you look for odds and ends that fit into your wedding and reception theme, but the end result is often worth it.

Bon Appetit

Wedding decorarion in wedding ceremony

One place to truly put a memorable spin that your family and friends will love is at dinner. Rethink your dinnertime offerings for your big day; rather than just have a three-course meal, spread out dinner across four or five smaller courses. If you choose to go with a buffet table, play around with your guests’ expectations and add a few places where they can customize their own meals.

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