Professional Cleaning Services are Struggling: Strategies That Will Help Businesses Survive the Pandemic

Professional Cleaning Services are Struggling: Strategies That Will Help Businesses Survive the Pandemic

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have stayed at home where they will be safe from the deadly virus that has already killed over one million people around the world.

In many states, restrictions have already been lifted and businesses were once again permitted to operate. However, with the contagious disease still around, there is still a danger of infection for anyone who steps outside of their front doors.

But, households are careful not to invite anyone, particularly strangers into their homes. That may cause a problem among professional cleaning services.

Cleaning Services Facing Difficult Time

Almost every industry in the United States and around the world are struggling due to the pandemic. The economy is in shambles and millions have lost the source of livelihood. This has caused uncertainties that prevented most people from spending. As of August, spending by upper-income consumers was 7.5% lower than levels seen in January. Major purchases were deferred by many households, too.

Aside from the fact that consumers are reducing their expenses, rug cleaning services, air duct cleaning services, and the overall professional house cleaning industry are suffering because people are careful not to expose their families to the virus as much as possible. These businesses operate by going into the client’s house. It presents risks of infection for both client and cleaner.

Many house cleaning businesses have laid off some of their staff and currently only have a small group of cleaners in employment for the few clients that still call.

Although entrepreneurs are hoping to rebound, the future is still pretty much uncertain. No one knows exactly when the pandemic will end and things will go back to normal. Many businesses are expected to shutter and never open again because of the pandemic. Whether the industry can recover their lost clients still remains a question.

For house cleaning businesses that are still in operation, here are some strategies that may help you survive the pandemic.

Regaining Customer Trust

There is a lot of trust involved when a client allows a professional cleaning service into their home. They are, after all, essentially welcoming strangers into their doors where their family sleeps and eats and where their belongings are stored.

Trust is more important now than ever. You should be transparent with what precautions you and your staff are taking in order to minimize the risk of infection as much as possible. Guidelines followed recommended by public health officials to stop the spread of the virus should therefore be followed. Washing of hands and, more importantly, the use of appropriate face coverings should be implemented.

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Build Your Online Community

Now is the best time to ramp up your social media presence. With everyone stuck inside their homes, social media use has increased.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media usage increased dramatically. In July, the GlobalWebIndex saw a 10.5% rise in social media usage compared to the year before. About 46% of women and 41% of men also admitted that they spend more time on social media now compared to before the pandemic.

For a home cleaning service, or any kind of business, a strong social media presence is necessary to survive.

Provide Informative Content

Publishing information that your target audience may find interesting and useful would be a great strategy to bring back trust and boost your presence on the internet. Share cleanings tips and tricks, hacks, and other advice. Show your expertise in the industry.

It would help clients, who may not have resources to hire your cleaning crew right now, to keep their homes tidy.

Make it entertaining, too! Find innovative ways to present your content to your readers. A short clip on TikTok or a longer YouTube video that features tricks and hacks is an engaging way to relay instructions and messages.

Moreover, when a follower finds the content informative or entertaining, they may share it with their family and friends. You would grow your following and maybe find new clients who need your services during and after the pandemic.

Reach Out to Consumers via Email

Businesses need to remain connected to their clients, but sending an email blast containing ads is not appropriate right now.

So, when reaching out to consumers, businesses should remember to mind the content of the email. Make the email worth reading by including information that may be relevant to the current situation.

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, including professional home cleaning services. Unless the health crisis is controlled, businesses should expect to struggle to survive. However, these strategies would hopefully help your business survive the pandemic.

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