Promoting Eco-friendly Business Practices

Promoting Eco-friendly Business Practices

When the pandemic started, air quality in several cities around the world saw a marked improvement. Greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution also went down. This was mainly the result of lockdowns and travel bans all over the world. With the gradual return of economic activities, the environment will once again become stressed.

But businesses can do their part in reducing the effects of economic activity on the environment. Here are some things businesses can practice to promote environmental protection.

Conserve Water and Electricity

Conserving water and electricity is the easiest eco-friendly practice a business can follow. Aside from protecting the environment, the company also saves on utility costs. To ensure this is followed properly, the business should inspect all faucets and pipes to see if there are any leaks. If they find leaks, the business should have them fixed as soon as possible.

To conserve electricity, the business should ensure the lights in unused areas are turned off. It should also make sure none of the computers are running overnight unless it’s essential to do so. Each person in the business should be made aware of these practices and should take ownership of it.

Use Automatic Hand Dryers

An automatic hand dryer has a long-term positive effect on the environment. While it does use electricity, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. It does away with the need for paper towels in the bathroom. When paper towels aren’t used in the bathroom, the business can reduce paper waste.

Aside from reducing paper waste, the company also saves on the cost of buying these paper towels. The one-time investment made for the hand dryer will come out cheaper than the recurring expense of buying paper towels.

Reuse Supplies When Possible

Reusing is one of the three Rs in environmental protection. And it’s a great element to practice in the office that may have become a part of the throwaway culture. Instead of using paper plates and plastic utensils, the company can use reusable plates and utensils for small office gatherings.

When the company finds it necessary to use paper supplies, it’s best to keep the unused supplies in a cabinet for future use. While the savings from these items are initially small, they become significant when they are accumulated.

Giving Out Eco-friendly Freebies


Some businesses promote their products and services by giving out freebies. With this, the business can opt to look for eco-friendly freebies. These freebies may include a pack of soy candles, a reusable metal stray, or even a recycled brushed twill cap.

Aside from promoting the business, these products also promote the advocacy of the company in protecting the environment. This is good publicity, especially with an increasing trend of environmental awareness among people these days. Due to this, the promotion will add more value to the business as it can tap into a huge market for its products and services.

Use Environment-Friendly Cleaning Agents

When cleaning the office, it’s advisable to use cleaning agents that are environment-friendly. These cleaning agents are not only good for the environment, but they also protect office property since they aren’t as strong as other chemical cleaning agents.

Biodegradable cleaning agents also don’t affect the health of the employees. This means lesser chances of employees calling in sick due to the chemicals used for cleaning the office. Other chemical cleaning agents have compounds that cause health issues.

Go Digital

Since it’s already the digital age, it’s logical for businesses to go digital as well. Instead of printing records on paper, the business can store everything digitally. This allows the business to save on paper and ink costs. It also makes the business environment-friendly. Additionally, it also reduces the clutter in the office and gives the business more space for additional equipment it may need.

Businesses may be concerned with the security of storing data digitally. To counter any security threats, businesses can encrypt the data, create a backup, and use anti-malware software, among others. The company can also store data on a cloud to make it easy for employees to access it.

Use Environment-Friendly Lighting

In line with conserving electricity, the business can also use environment-friendly lighting. These types of lighting are not only eco-friendly, but they also reduce expenses on electricity. The initial investment in these types of lighting may be high, but they are designed to last longer than other types of lighting. The different types of environment-friendly lighting include the compact fluorescent lamp, which can last up to 8,000 hours, and the light-emitting diode, which can last up to 50,000 hours. In comparison, an ordinary incandescent light can only last around 1,000 hours.

These environment-friendly practices do not only allow companies to reduce expenses but also make them a socially-responsible institution, which is the apple in the eye of consumers.

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