Are You Responsible for Your Employees’ Welfare?

Are You Responsible for Your Employees’ Welfare?

Legally, employers are also responsible for the welfare of employees. Whether it’s the safety of the office and warehouse or the well-being of each team member by living a healthy and balanced life, the law dictates that employees must have ample time to take care of themselves and their families. They must also be compensated well to afford a decent lifestyle. Unfortunately, not every employer understands the critical role they play in ensuring the well-being of their workers.

During the pandemic, health, safety, and security were front and center of the business operations. Employers are not only responsible for making sure the employees are safe and healthy, but they must follow government-set standards and protocols, too. For the past 20 months, safety doesn’t mean a work-life balance alone. It was a matter of life and death.

Hazard and Safety Protocols

Companies are obligated by law to follow health, safety, and hazard protocols. Even in an office setting, managers must ensure no hazardous placements of equipment, tools, and storage solutions. For example, heavy drawers and storage containers should not be placed at the top of cabinets because they might fall on someone. Business managers should also ensure that their employees will not trip or slip on the floor because of unruly cables and slippery floors.

In the warehouse, employees should be aware of the importance of turning off heavy equipment and machinery. They should also know how to use this machinery properly. Often, simply overlooking the protocols in the warehouse, factory, store, or office can lead to fatal accidents.

Healthy Environment and Ambiance

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Business owners must also make sure that the office is suitable for a work environment. This includes, among many others, ensuring that there’s proper ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, and ergonomic furniture in the office. For air-conditioning and heating solutions, companies like Thermaright Hire Solutions offer proper cooling and heating systems for commercial units and buildings.

Aside from the right temperature in the office, owners should ensure proper ventilation because of the coronavirus. The pandemic further highlighted the importance of air circulation in the office to prevent the passing of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Another strategy to have clean indoor air is to put plants on the main office floor. Indoor plants can “clean” the air by removing toxins and allergens. An air purifier device can be a great substitute, too.

Work-life Balance

Employers are also responsible for how their workers can achieve a work-life balance. This is important on two fronts: one, on their productivity, and two, on their personal and professional relationships. Plenty of employees do not have time for their loved ones because they are tied at work. But is working all there is in their lives? Shouldn’t they spend quality time with their friends and families, too?

Unfortunately, not all employers understand that they play a key role in ensuring that their employees achieve work-life balance. Not calling or texting after working hours will go a long way toward helping employees have a more balanced life. Allowing them to take days off is also to their benefit. If they need to grieve for a departed loved one or even their pets, employers need to give them that space. Employees need to know that their employers care for them and their loved ones.

Proper Compensation and Financial Knowledge

How can employees be well without properly compensating them? Employers have to understand that compensating workers is not just about the law. It’s also about humanity. It would be best if you were fair to your subordinates. Pay them equivalent to their contributions to the company. Don’t force them into working overtime unless it is necessary. And if they do have to work overtime, pay them for it. Even though times are hard for many businesses, this is no excuse not to give workers the proper pay.

If the company can provide financial management training and seminars to help employees learn about savings, insurance, investments, and self-employment. There is nothing wrong with wanting them to progress in their lives. One of the best signs that you succeeded as an employer is when your employees are financially knowledgeable.

The growth of every individual is tied to the environment that surrounds him. If only every employer understands the important role they play in ensuring the welfare of their workers, then this would be a much better place. It starts at home and trickles to the office where people spend most of their waking hours. If they feel stressed in the office, then what’s stopping their plans from getting derailed. Build a healthy work environment to find your business in a win-win situation.

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