Safety Rules When Working in a Construction Site

Safety Rules When Working in a Construction Site

The construction industry is a booming sector. More labourers are needed to work in construction sites. But this is one of the most dangerous professions to pursue owing to the heavy-duty equipment, sharp tools and flimsy structures on site.

Every year, many construction workers get injured on the job. Most common injuries are cuts, burns and falls caused by accidents or mishandling of equipment. But luckily, there are safety measures that can be put in place to prevent injuries and accidents in a construction site. Here are some safety rules that should be followed.

Always wear personal protective equipment

The first and foremost rule in a construction site is to wear protective equipment at all times. Things like hard hats, vests, safety boots and cut-resistant gloves from reliable manufacturers are a construction worker’s last line of defence. They help protect a worker from coming into contact with harmful chemicals, experiencing slips and falls, and sustaining construction-related injuries. Wearing personal protective equipment at all times is a rule that should be set in stone.

Don’t be careless

A construction site can get too messy. Often, there is a lot of machinery and equipment, wood, glass, other tools and debris. When scattered all around the area, they can harm not only you but also others who are on site.

Statistics show that slips and falls account for over 20% of major injuries sustained in construction sites. One way to prevent such injuries is by being mindful of your surroundings when working. Your area should be tidy at all times. Put away tools properly when you’re done using them. These simple actions will help keep everyone safe.

injured construction worker

Report any problems or issues

Everyone in a construction site must do their part in keeping the surroundings safe. The safety training and onboarding of construction workers should include best practices in reporting hazards or potential problems they notice.

If you ever encounter a problem or defect with machinery and tools, report them immediately. These things shouldn’t be ignored, or else, you’ll run the risk of bigger issues. Being quick to report and address problems will decrease the chances for accidents to occur.

Don’t use equipment you’re not familiar with

One of the most common causes of accidents and injuries in a construction site is the mishandling of equipment. Construction involves a lot of heavy machinery that is dangerous to use by someone untrained. If you’re unsure about how something works, don’t try to teach yourself. Instead, practice precautionary measures and ask your supervisor for ample training. Being safe is better than being sorry.

Follow safety rules

The management can put hundreds of safety rules in place, but none of them will help if the workers do not comply. Obedience is the number one crucial requirement in a construction site. The rules may seem burdensome, but remember that it’s for your safety. Don’t risk breaking the rules and costing the lives of the people on site.

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries that put workers at risk of accidents and injuries every day. But big problems can be prevented by having safety rules in place and making sure everyone abides by them.

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