Should You Renovate Your Home Without a Pro? These Risks Might Make You Think Twice

Should You Renovate Your Home Without a Pro? These Risks Might Make You Think Twice

DIY enthusiasts believe that foregoing pros save a lot of money. During the pandemic, they only stood by this belief even more. Since contractors and builders could bring the virus to their homes, DIY enthusiasts chose not to risk it. They renovated their abodes on their own, thanks to YouTube, which provided all the tutorials they needed.

However, sticking to DIY solutions could also mean serious injuries. According to Porch, even the most innocuous repairs and tools can have painful and long-term repercussions. Ladders, screws, nails, and garden tools were found to pose serious hazards for DIY-loving homeowners.

Porch’s analysis revealed that ladders result in nearly 200,000 emergency room visits and 3,000 deaths annually. Hardware nails and tools are the second most dangerous, causing 124,000 ER visits every year.

But the risks of injuries and death don’t truly stop DIY enthusiasts. What they might be more afraid of is the risks of hiring pros, and being legally liable if anything happened to them.

Indeed, if contractors and builders get injured in the client’s property, the client may be liable. But that’s not absolute. The liable party depends on several factors. But overall, it’s safer to trust pros for a renovation than do it on your own when you have no skills and training.

Below are the risks of a DIY renovation:

1. Injuries

YouTube makes DIY renovation look easy. But if you tried your hand in it at least once, chances are you didn’t have an easy time. Renovation demands physical strength, even seemingly light jobs like repainting.

If you’re going to use a ladder, there’s a one in 1,680 chance that you’d fall and get hurt. Nails, screws, carpet tacks, and thumbtacks pose a oneĀ in 2,615 chance of injury. Power saws present a one in 4,009 chance and cleaning equipment one in 5,684. Those numbers may not sound alarming, but not if you consider the number of ER visits and deaths they cause every year. Cleaning equipment, the last thing you’d think of when injuries come to mind, caused over 45,000 ER visits in 2017, more than hammers and chain saws did.

Hence, if you want to save money, at least get help from a friend with some experience in renovating a house. Don’t attempt doing everything on your own with nothing but a YouTube video to guide you. Even pros require guidance from time to time, so avoid assuming that life hacks or five-minute crafts are enough to help you.

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2. Mistakes

An inexperienced worker is bound to make mistakes. No matter how many tutorials you watch, the only way you’d achieve flawless results is by studying the process, like what the pros have done.

Architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, builders all got their skills from years of education and experience. That’s why we pay them a handsome fee when we demand their services. We’re not just paying for their labor but also their time, skills, and resources. Trying to do their jobs will only lead to mistakes because unless we share their profession, we don’t truly know what we’re going.

Even sanding hardwood floors require a pro. If an amateur does it, it will show. There would be lumps on the floor, devaluing the home. And if the amateur also tinkered the plumbing systems, the chances of major leaks will be huge, resulting in costly repairs.

3. Damage to Important Parts of the Home

If you tried to drill a hole into a wall and felt the entire wall trembling, you might’ve done some damage to your home’s foundation. Constant vibration and hammering from power tools can create fissures on your walls. They can reach the foundation and compromise your home’s structural integrity.

If you only need to make one hole, consult an engineer before using your drill. Maybe nailing a hook is all you actually need. Knowing that immediately will save you tremendous time, effort, and money.

4. Health Issues

Aside from injuries, other health issues like asbestos exposure, volatile organic compounds (VOC), molds, and hearing damage can also happen to you during a DIY renovation. The only way to prevent them is to hire a pro.

Home renovation experts use tools and equipment that minimize the likelihood of health issues. In addition, experts are trained and cared for by their companies. They don’t come to the site unprepared. As such, you can turn over all control of the project to them. This will allow you to avoid legal issues in case a worker gets sick or injured on your property.

Besides, your homeowner’s insurance will protect you if an accident happens during the renovation. You don’t need to worry about paying for someone else’s injuries.

Now that you’ve been enlightened on the risks of a DIY home renovation, step down and let the pros do what they’re best at. That way, you can relax and know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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