Solving the Climate Change Crisis through Effective Waste Management

Solving the Climate Change Crisis through Effective Waste Management

There are many ways to solve the problem of climate change. And one of those ways is an effective waste management system, which remains to be taken for granted by the public. With the continued rise in the number of innovations and technologies available for the waste management system, the campaign for mitigating the effects of climate change will continue to surge.

Some Innovations on the Management of Waste

In Australia, many environmental advocates, as well as the government, are pushing and innovating new ways to achieve “zero waste” goals. Several groups, including the radical Extinction Rebellion, have continuously called for the reduction of carbon footprint through various industrial and personal measures.

In the Australian state of Queensland, a government unit is currently developing its concept of the treatment of sewage. The projects have the objective of creating a renewable source of energy through the use of biomass, which emanates from algal species. According to the government, the project will not only improve the septic tanks but will also bolster the capabilities of existing treatment plants in the state.

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The Climate Change Crisis

The crisis of climate change can be seen in the ongoing bushfires across the country, particularly in the regions of New South Wales and Victoria. Apart from natural causes, these fires that have killed more than 500,000 of wildlife and over ten people started due to improper waste management. Man caused many of these fires through improper disposal of flammable materials and substances.

There have also been confirmed reports that arsonists started these fires. Due to these recent developments, many people – specifically conspiracists – blame environmental advocates such as the Extinction Rebellion for the continent-wide bushfires. The large-scale blaze was alleged started by the groups mentioned above to pressure the Australian government to take radical steps against climate change.

Out of all the conspiracies and other issues, proper disposal and minimizing of wastes must be prioritized by the government and the public. These practices are out there for us to build a sustainable future. We are all in this together because climate change encompasses every religion, country, and ideology, as observed from the ongoing bushfires. Both the rich and the poor are affected and have no other choice but to run.

What Can You Do?

You can contribute to the fight against climate change by merely observing the following: reduce, reuse, and recycle. First, you should minimize buying or consuming products, particularly those that are known to leave large quantities of carbon footprint. Second, you must learn how to reuse containers such as plastic bags and jugs. These things take millions of years to decompose. Lastly, recycle everything. You can also try upcycling, where you can turn one thing to another item. Although these things seem insignificant, the environmental benefits are substantial.

Apart from the given practices, you should seek professionals. Look for possible pollutants at your home. Try to have regular maintenance of septic tanks and other potential sources of domestic water and land pollutants.

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