Spice Up Your Office with These Innovations

Spice Up Your Office with These Innovations

There are plenty of reasons many office workers feel like their work is a grind. The daily tasks are monotonous and the ambience is drab. The managers need to find some ways to uplift the office morale.

Fortunately, there are many ways to liven up the workplace, such as changing the desks. In cities like Melbourne, there are many offices that experiment with different office setups. Here are some of them:

Hot Desks

Sometimes, you just need a new perspective. Even if you have the same office space, just having a different view could give a new twist at work. However, changing office tables can be a very irksome exercise that can often result in some discord.

Not anymore, as some offices are already adopting the concept of “hot desking”, which means desks are no longer assigned to a particular person. With the best technology that we have, as we have a wireless Internet connection, with employees packing in everything in their laptops or tablets, offices can actually have generic desks. When employees time in, they could choose to sit on any desk, and they could switch it up every day if they want to.

You can sit on the corner on Monday, and then sit in a room with a gorgeous view of the skyline on Tuesday. The possibilities are endless. Office managers can also switch up the variation. They can place couches, open desks, and desks with multiple monitors.

Some types of offices can implement this, such as finance and chat services or payment process centres where everything can function via a laptop and software. They can really change places without affecting their performance.

Office Designs to Improve Employee Interaction

Employees in an open plan officeSome innovations are designed to encourage and increase office interactions. In these ways, the employees will act more like people and not like robots. Some creative companies have innovated by having movable desks. With desks that have wireless Internet and wheels, they can just move along and form shapes like a jigsaw puzzle.

It also encourages collaboration between departments. You don’t have to be stuck with people in your department, you can be dynamic. If you need to meet people from different departments, you can move your desks and connect together.

There are also office designs that have overlap sections. Instead of having identical cubicles, the office would have spaces where employees would inevitably cross paths with one another. There are also fewer cubicles and walls between departments, even a staircase area that could accommodate an emergency meeting.

This concept was based on transparency and building interpersonal relationships. The belief is that these values can encourage creativity rather than being stuffed in an office cubicle.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms were inspired by the sports game huddle, and the hope is that this room will replace the conference room that can either be boring or abrasive. Instead of being seated and facing each other, huddle rooms would have more collaborative and loose setups. Even the atmosphere of the room should be meant to encourage teamwork, which is different from the conference room, which would probably look somber by comparison.

There are many ways to spice up your office. Even the chair and desk arrangement can dictate the mood of your employees and their activities. Having flexible and dynamic designs will result in a lighter mood and a more efficient performance from everyone.

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