Starting an IT Business during the Pandemic

Starting an IT Business during the Pandemic

The IT industry is essential, especially during this pandemic. There isn’t an industry globally, and as businesses start to transition more into the digital world, the IT sector becomes even more crucial to many companies. However, starting an IT company can be challenging, given the new circumstances that the pandemic has created today. But you can start one right now.

The global IT industry is estimated to be worth $5 trillion today and is still growing rapidly. The US controls most of the revenue (33%), but regions like Asia aren’t falling behind (32%) as IT infrastructures evolve daily. Moreover, globalization has made it possible for most IT services to be offshored to the Asian region, despite most IT companies are in the US and the UK.

Both the growth of the sector and rapid globalization should be taken advantage of if you want to have a significant stake in the industry. However, remember that there is always room in this sector, and it all comes down to management if you want your startup to succeed.

Upper Management in IT

If you want your managing department to do well, they need to be experienced. So this is where you’re going to spend most of your recruitment money because you want to hire experienced team leaders to lead your company.

The industry relies intensely on management for productivity and efficiency. A mismanaged IT business can quickly fail because everyone looks up to upper management to make the right decisions. Amateur managers can’t make these decisions. They can only be made by people who have found themselves in the same situation before.

Furthermore, managers with experience can help your startup grow much faster because they can give you knowledge from their previous experiences to grow your company. If you’re looking to where you should spend your funds, spend it on experienced managers.

Managing Calls

Next up is your ability to manage calls. As your company continues to grow, you’ll start to receive more calls worldwide. There will be many clients who will naturally be looking for your company for consultations and troubleshooting. Because of this, you’re going to need a versatile Xorcom phone system so that you can quickly reroute calls. Once you have this, calls will be much easier to manage.

Another aspect of managing calls is for meetings. Managing video calls and conference calls can make a difference in your company, and scheduling is crucial if you want these calls to be efficient. However, a meeting where nothing is decided can be a severe blow to your company’s productivity. This is why you should have all access to Google+. The platform can help you synchronize meetings throughout the organization so that everyone is on the same page.

IT office

Online Platform

You’re going to need a robust online platform if you want your startup to succeed. Almost every single IT company in the world have their own website. In addition, many are entertaining their clients through their websites. There are two things you should invest in for your website: chatbots and cybersecurity.


Chatbots are receiving billions of dollars in funding, and for a good reason, they can do things that no normal person can do in the online space. Chatbots can entertain clients 24/7, which is important for a global brand. It can answer questions at any time, which can help reduce the number of employees you need in your company.

Ultimately, chatbots can make your company more productive with fewer expenses. Chatbots can easily pay for the investment you’ve made because they don’t need rest, and they don’t need to take a break. This can quickly put your IT company on top of many others.


You’re going to need to spend on cybersecurity if you don’t want your company to spend thousands of dollars on data breaches.

It’s estimated that a billion data breaches happen annually, costing online companies millions of dollars every year. This number isn’t going to decrease because of the size of the internet. On the contrary, some experts believe it will continue to grow, as many hackers are becoming ever more creative in infiltrating different websites.

If you want your IT business to survive the digital world, you’re going to need to spend it on secure websites such as HTTPS, and you’re going to need to spend on anti-malware programs. Both of these can protect your website from invaders, and they can both increase customer trust in your company.

Managing an IT startup can be challenging, but you can start covering your bases through these essentials. Once you’ve done these things, you can start planning for expansion. This will increase your company’s revenue and help you transition from a startup into a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


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