How to Support Your Employees’ Health Goals

How to Support Your Employees’ Health Goals

Not many employers understand the important role they play in the health of their employees. Let’s put it this way: if you don’t allow them to exercise and eat healthily, then it will not be possible for them. If you are overworking them, they won’t even have the energy to go to the gym or fix their own meals. They’ll binge on fast food meals and never have the time for even an evening workout session.

Lead the Way

Believe it or not, even the employers who speak behind your back look up to you. Show your employees that even though they have busy schedules because of work and home life, it is still possible to lead a healthier lifestyle. Take time to talk with them and encourage them to find a way to eat healthier meals, take their meals on time, and exercise every day. Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge from a senior at work to get the employees going.

Give Them More Time

Of course, you have to walk the talk, too. Provide a way for them to exercise and eat healthy meals. Instead of a one-hour lunch break, you can add another 30 minutes so that they can walk in the park or even squeeze in a yoga session somewhere near the office. Those who need to go to the gym after working hours should also be allowed to take a bit of work with them at home so that they can leave early. This way, they won’t have to compete with others for the treadmill or the stationary bike.

Provide Incentives

If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to give out incentives. What kind of incentives will push employees to take better care of themselves? How about partnering with a health supplement company so you can give away RizeUp Nutrition supplements for your employees? These will help them reach their optimal health. For example, those trying to build their muscles can go for the brand’s protein shake mixes.

Another good incentive is to reward a gym membership to anyone who tops the sales chart. You can also organize a monthly physical activity at work to encourage your employees to move. Often, office workers tend to live sedentary lives because they have to sit before their computers and desks all day.

Organize a Seminar


Talk to a health care provider, a lifestyle coach, and a wellness coach on how they can help your employees achieve their health goals. You can host a series of seminars to teach your employees how to eat better, exercise smartly, and reach their personal health parameters. A nutritionist will also guide them through their eating habits and provide a list of easy-to-make healthy recipes.

Stock the Pantry With Healthy Options

Do you have an office pantry? That pantry is where your employees congregate every lunchtime. They spend their time there to mingle, share food, and even complain about customers and clients. Make sure that the pantry is stocked with healthy food options such as nuts, yogurt, veggie sticks, salads, and what-not. Of course, the occasional candy should have its place, too, but put more emphasis on healthy snacks.

Make the Office Stairs Accessible

Some big buildings will only make the staircase available for fire drills. If you are a tenant, request the building management to make taking the stairs an option for your employees. Challenge your staff to take the stairs every day to work. Those who will do it consistently can get incentives or rewards. This is a nice way for them to squeeze in a bit of exercise at work, especially if their job demands them to be in the office at all times.

Build a Support Group

Admittedly, not everyone will want to join your advocacy. Some of your employees will feel that they can achieve their fitness goals on their own. Do not force them. You can initiate a support group within the company so those who feel demotivated can meet with other colleagues to draw inspiration from them. They can work out together and even exchange meal ideas for a better diet.

There are many benefits to helping your employees achieve their health goals. Not only will they be less absent at work, but they will also be more productive. Improving their lives in the workplace will be advantageous for them and the company they are working for. This is the kind of investment that all employers should make for the sake of their people.

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