Techniques for Minimizing Noise and Distractions in Your Hostel Room

Techniques for Minimizing Noise and Distractions in Your Hostel Room

While most people know that hostels are their cheapest yet safest and most convenient accommodation option, only some are willing to live in hostels. This is generally because they would rather pay top dollar for some peace. This is almost impossible to get in hostels considering the high number of people living in close proximity and the thin walls.

With a few steps, however, hostels can become the ideal choice for student accommodation in London. These steps will minimize the noise coming from other rooms and the distraction, allowing you to study well and get adequate sleep. Furthermore, they will reduce any noise filtering from your hostel room and will enable you to be a good neighbour.

Here are these noise and distraction reduction methods:

Use Plush Rugs for Your Floor

Covering your floors minimises the filtering noise into and out of your room. Not all floor coverings will, however, suffice for soundproofing. The ideal ones are plush rugs since these absorb so much vibration from various activities in the rooms. This does not mean covering your entire space with plush rugs if you cannot afford it. Even a small rug will make a significant difference. Fortunately, the surface area of hostel rooms is small, and even a small rug can cover a considerable floor space.

Fill Your Space

This option does not mean you should clutter your hostel room with anything to fill it up. When filling your hostel room, go for functional pieces. Depending on the room’s size and your needs, you can have one or two large furniture pieces or several small ones. The objective here is to fill the space and reduce the air through which vibrations will echo. Other than furniture, use paintings and wall hangings.

Have a Working Strategy for Your Furniture’s Placement

Simply including furniture to fill your space will do little in reducing your hostel room’s noise. You should place the furniture in the noisiest places in your hostel room. You should ideally place as much furniture as you can along your walls to block noise from your neighbour’s walls and the corridor. These include couches, dressers, and bookshelves. Placing your bed against the wall might not be a good idea since this will inevitably affect your sleep, concentration, and productivity.

Invest in Soundproof Curtains

living room in a zen interiors

Most hostels are built next to transport routes and in the hearts of towns. These places generally have considerable noise. Soundproof curtains are your best choice to block out noise from beyond your hostel walls. These curtains have a unique soundproof material that captures sounds in the threads. Moreover, the curtains are soft and will not let sound bounce off them so easily.

Hostel living does not have to mean years of inadequate sleep and having to study in libraries and alternative places that are quiet. With the above options, you can now have the best of your years in the hostel. Not only will you make lifetime friends, save on your accommodation expenses, and have fun in the hostel; you can also have a quiet space when you need it.

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