The Boston Checklist for Lasting Marriages

The Boston Checklist for Lasting Marriages

Boston has one of the lowest divorce rates in the USA, with fewer than 2 percent of marriages ending in divorce. Couples are staying happy together because of particular reasons.

1. Emotional Maturity

Boston men typically get married after the age of 30 and Boston women at 28. The city’s median marrying age is second only to New York (but for very different reasons). Most cities with younger marrying age typically have higher divorce rates, as proven by Cheyenne (Wyoming), Little Rock (Arkansas), and New Orleans (Louisiana).

Getting married a little further in life ensures couples are richer in experience and have a more solid understanding of themselves. The typical dating app hook-ups of the younger generation rarely lead to lasting (or even fleeting) relationships, with most spluttering after one or two meet-ups. It’s better to find a suitable — and like-minded — partner through your own social circles or with the help of a notable matchmaker. Unlike dating apps, individuals who use the services of matchmakers are typically serious about commitment and eventually marriage.

2. Financial Security

Financial problems are the bane of most marriages. Of course, money doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage, but it certainly helps with most problems. Boston may have higher wages than other cities in the nation, but housing costs almost double that of the national average. Bostonians earn their financial security through years of hard work and living within their means. Successful marriages need meticulous planning and management of the couple’s finances. Spending on a lavish wedding ceremony doesn’t make sense, especially when you can put that money as part of the initial payment for a house.

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3. Fitness

Boston has the third-lowest rate of obesity in the US. Fitness is a big factor in lasting marriages and not just because of superficial reasons. Obesity has been linked to depression, loss of sex drive, and lower quality of life. Obesity is also associated with a host of diseases and conditions which could be straining to finances or even lead to an abrupt end to a marriage. Keeping fit enables you to enjoy your marriage better and avoid the financial pitfalls associated with medical emergencies.

4. Traditional Values

No matter what the media (and third-wave feminists) tells you, the differences between men and women are real. Traditional values and gender roles are significant in keeping marriages together. Boston is largely conservative, and residents don’t adhere to the most extreme liberal viewpoints. Men typically like feminine women, and women typically like masculine men.

The third-wave feminist concept of toxic masculinity and their efforts to demonize all men (and masculinity) have largely backfired. The number of women who consider themselves feminists are dropping, especially among married women. Even women who consider themselves feminists are still attracted to masculine men and prefer traditional gender roles (though they might not admit it).

The lessons of Boston can be applied to any marriage. Strive for personal development, stay fit, keep your finances in order, and leave crazy politics out of your home.

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