The Challenges Dental Practices Face Today and How to Overcome Them

The Challenges Dental Practices Face Today and How to Overcome Them

Running a dental practice is a challenge. While patients worry about their next appointment, dental practitioners think about their patients and their business. Managing a dental clinic is tough because aside from being a doctor, you’re also a business owner. Below are some challenges that dentists face when running their clinics.


Patients will doubt dentists who run dirty clinics. For this reason, the cleaning crew must always disinfect the whole clinic. Choose a disinfectant that can target many bacteria and viruses. It must also be non-toxic so it’s safe on your tools and patients. Everything must be clean before the start of the day at the clinic. Instruments need a thorough cleaning before any procedure, so you should buy a dental steriliser to keep your tools clean all the time.

Getting and Keeping the Clients

You’ll want to get as many clients as you can to earn and pay all your employees. The more you earn, the more you can grow your practice. This is why you need an impressive marketing strategy to attract patients. You can rely on your clients to put in good words for you. Consulting a marketing team is also a great idea if you have the budget for it. A marketing team will handle the aspects of getting more clients to come in. They may use different methods like put your practice on Social Media platforms.

No-Show Patients

Healthworks Collective stated that 16% to 20% of patients won’t show for their appointments. This is something you need to address. There are suggestions about templates that record no-show patients. These templates can help your staff to make decisions with the schedule. They should decide if they will overbook to compensate no-show patients, but be careful with overbooking to avoid trouble.


Finding Competent People

You can hire other professionals like a marketing team as consultants, but you need a regular administrative staff to help you run the clinic. They’re the ones who will be at the reception. They’re responsible for keeping patients comfortable as they wait. Administrative staff will also keep the records and schedule your appointments. You can also hire staff that will take care of the financial aspect of the practice.

Dental Insurance

It’s easier if patients pay cash, but the situation is different when you have to get payment from their insurance. There’s some math involved when dealing with this aspect. You can do it yourself if you have time or you can give this task to a knowledgeable staff.

Late Payments

Are you one to offer late payment agreements? Some dental practices do this and it’s inspirational, but dentists need to earn. You can offer some leeway, but be mindful of this offer. Put in place strict rules on this policy. You must also determine if patients can afford the treatments of your practice.

Paying Taxes

Another aspect you must face is paying taxes. Taxes will depend on your location, but most practices need to pay huge taxes. Make the most of your busy months and pay your taxes well. This way, you won’t get into much trouble during leaner months.

A dental practice has challenges and many aspects you need to oversee, but it’s a lucrative business if you manage it well. Face the challenges with open arms and address issues as early as you can. You can run your business smoothly when you know what to do.

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